Finding our true north

October 28, 2022  
Deputy Principal and Chaplain - Rev. James Rogers

This year TIGS has embarked on an exciting venture with several other Independent Schools. COMPASS is an initiative of The Association of Independent Schools that supports schools to identify and implement evidence-based, whole-school, proactive wellbeing approaches that foster safe, supportive and respectful environments so that wellbeing outcomes are enhanced for all members of the school community now and in the future.


The COMPASS outcomes include:

  • the construction of a clearly articulated wellbeing vision, approach and framework that is unique to our school’s community and can be celebrated and showcased
  • an improved knowledge of evidence-based wellbeing resources and approaches for staff, students and families
  • an increased capacity to develop and lead a strengthened whole-school approach to wellbeing
  • fostering supportive relationships with wellbeing specialists beyond our school and with other independent schools


One of the first tasks has been to define what wellbeing means to us at TIGS. This has been an enriching process but more difficult than first imagined. Who knew there were so many different understandings of the concept of wellbeing? We are making good progress, however. Shortly, you will be invited to collaborate in the construction of our definition. The aim here is a shared understanding of wellbeing which informs our practice.


Another preliminary task has been to map out our current wellbeing initiatives. We have been encouraged to learn that a concern for wellbeing has been a critical interest of the school for many years now and is evident in much of what we do. What COMPASS will enable us to do, however, is to consolidate and streamline our approach to maximise its impact.


We have a small team who are driving this initiative. I especially want to acknowledge the work of Mrs Kylee Lane in the Senior School and Mrs Lennea Grace in the Junior School who are leading the COMPASS team. They are doing a great job; their passion for wellbeing is contagious.


I am excited at what will emerge as we venture deeper into this initiative. I envisage TIGS becoming more and more a place where the mind, body, spirit and soul is nurtured and invigorated and our relationships with one another are enhanced. The Hebrew concept of Shalom captures it well: a place of unparalleled peace.

A work in progress: Mapping Whole School Wellbeing 


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