TIGS Foundation Chair


On behalf of TIGS Foundation Board, it is my pleasure as Chair to write to you and welcome all our TIGS families, our extended past and present alumni, and friends to 2016.
After being elected to the position of Chair this year, I am looking forward to working with the greater TIGS community in order to promote and further develop the many facets for which the School prides itself.
As a past parent of 13 years, current staff member and a member of TIGS Foundation Board since 2009, I am very proud to say one of the great attributes of our School is the sense of community we enjoy.
TIGS Foundation Board was founded in 1986 as a fund-raising arm of the School to assist and support the School Council by encouraging and fostering the interest and financial support of past students, parents of students and friends of the School with a view to preserving, improving and developing the School’s property and facilities.
TIGS Foundation assists disadvantaged students to attend TIGS and pursue their dreams so they may develop their talent both academically and artistically to be the best they can be. The scholarship is named after our first Headmaster, Reverend Richard Bosanquet.
A very big thank you to all our families who have generously donated to the Foundation through the Fee Commitment Form; your wonderful generosity also assists and supports TIGS Foundation with capital works programmes throughout the entire school and will improve the School’s future resources.
Our Foundation Board comprises of volunteer members from a cross-section of our School community, who work tirelessly to ensure that achievable goals are met.  I thank them for their diligent and dedicated service to our School.
We look back at our humble beginnings when TIGS was once a disused farm overrun with lantana and blackberries and our very first parents and pioneers spent many weekends clearing the ground for our first buildings.  We have come a long way since those years.
The Foundation looks forward to the years ahead working and partnering with the greater School community in continuing our fundraising activities and support of our School Council in their providing resources that give our children receive the very best educational opportunities.
I welcome each and every one of you to our upcoming events during 2016 and thank you for your continuous support with The TIGS Foundation Board.

Mrs Olga Early
TIGS Foundation Chair


TIGS Foundation Goals

Building Their Future – From Strength To Strength

There has always been a need for independent schools to be supported by their communities so that they continue to grow and provide each generation of students with the environment and facilities to excel. The TIGS Foundation has been instrumental in supporting the development of this school since its beginnings.

This year the Foundation has set clear and achievable goals that will benefit the current students of TIGS and future generations to come. The goals include:

  • Developing further as an inclusive, active and leading association in the School and broader community
  • Fundraising for the Rev Richard Bosanquet Scholarship which currently provides an opportunity for a Senior School student, who would not normally be able to experience a TIGS education, to flourish in and contribute to the Schools rich and diverse learning environment.
  • This year will see the continuation of the TIGS Foundation Annual Appeal.  The Foundation is asking that you make a fully tax deductible donation, which will go towards scholarships, buildings, land, and other worthy capital projects.   You can set up regular giving to the TIGS Foundation Annual Appeal by nominating the amount you would like to contribute.   Through the Foundation Annual Appeal you can make a difference for your children and for future children who will attend TIGS.


Thank you to all the supporters of Foundation who, during the last year, assisted in the achievement of many milestones and contributed to the School by providing significant funds towards the purchase of land adjacent to the School, the funding of the Rev Richard Bosanquet scholarship, art and academic prizes and a bespoke trophy cabinet to house the many awards and records of the School’s successes.


Like many other organisations in the School, the Foundation has a dedication to the broader community extending beyond the Schools boundaries. The Foundation has taken the initiative to offer a scholarship that specifically aims to include and benefit a wider range of community members. At the same time Foundation will endeavour to build links with external organisations to enrich and strengthen the Schools place and value in the community.


The Illawarra Grammar School Foundation Limited is a body corporate that was established in 1986 with the goal of providing fiscal support for ongoing growth and enhancement of our educational, sporting and artistic facilities. The role of Foundation is to supplement the resources raised by tuition and government grants as these funds are primarily utilised by the School’s operating costs.

The excellent facilities at TIGS have been made available through the valued contribution of the school community for more than 50 years. There is a long tradition of our School Community generously donating to TIGS Foundation and facilities/buildings such as the IGC, Goodhew Research Centre, Design and Technology Centre and the original buildings of the Junior School.  These facilities would not be available today but for the generosity of past benefactors.

On Board Foundation 2016

On Wednesday 16 March, TIGS Foundation Annual General Meeting was held in the Goodhew Research Centre.  Congratulations to all Board Members who have been re-elected to TIGS Foundation Board for 2016.  All of these high achieving and publicly spirited Board Members will continue as exemplary supporters of our school community and beyond.  The School is privileged to have these willing volunteers to donate their resources to the Foundation in 2016.

The TIGS Foundation supports the School in its endeavors to educate students so they will achieve their goals, becoming wise and thoughtful architects of the future. Your contribution will help make a strong foundation ensuring our school’s financial independence and its ability to seize opportunities for enrichment and future development.

The Foundation is managed by The Executive of the School Foundation and this executive is comprised of 8 volunteer members. Currently this group includes former students, current and past parents and grandparents, community members and the Headmaster. The Executive determines how the Foundation funds are procured, managed and expended.

The Board

Foundation Board

Chair - Olga Early
Vice Chair - David Laing
Secretary - Craig Osborne

Sandra Newhouse
Carmen Rudd
Kevin Donald
Usha Fernandez
Joanne Danckwardt

Foundation Coordinator - Lisa Wilson


Olga Early

Olga Early is the newly elected Chair of the TIGS Foundation Board. Olga has been a Director ofTheFoundation Board since 2009. She has been a past parent of 13 years and a staff member for 9 years, recently retiring as the Manager of the Tigs Uniform Shop.
Olga’s strong past connection within the business community enabled her to successfully be owner and Director of her Imports Business. Olga is also  a Paraprofessional interpreter, and was a SOCOG volunteer during the Sydney Olympic Games working with the Australian press and media. She also continues her involvement with various charities such as Save the Children Charity.

Olga joined Tigs Foundation in early 2009, her passion and vision for Foundation was to establish a fund to provide for means-tested scholarships at Tigs, based primarily on bequests. This vision was successfully achieved in 2011, when the Bosenquet Scholarship was established.
Olga’s future vision for Foundation is to expand the existing Scholarship scheme we have, through a bursary fund, which could be raised by Alumni, parents, friends to provide finance to at least one other student whose circumstances would not make it possible to attend TIGS. This would enable us to transform the life chances of a bright student of any background, race or creed.

Sandra Newhouse

Sandra Newhouse has been an active TIGS Foundation Board member since 2011 and has enjoyed fulfilling central roles such as Vice Chairperson and Treasurer. This year Sandra continues to actively support the Board and its members to further their successful outcomes for the TIGS students and families.  Sandra has a personal vested interest in the school, being married to Alumni and past School Captain, Andrew Newhouse and parenting two sons Jacobus and Spencer who are thriving in the Junior School environment.

Sandra has a long and personal history with many of the TIGS families and the vast Illawarra Community through her more than 20 years of family business and her continued involvement and personal contributions to various charities and fundraising events. Sandra is a strong believer in giving back to our Community in various ways and enjoys fostering this principle with her friends and family.

Sandra’s original focus in 2011 for the Foundation was to create further awareness of how the Foundation Board represents the opportunities for our school to improve, excel and continue to offer our students an environment unparalleled to any other in the region.  Past Foundation projects such as the IGC, Goodhew Research Centre (Library) and Scholarships for children who would not otherwise be able to experience a TIGS education are some of the great and necessary work that Foundation has created in the past.  Sandra now believes that our School Communities awareness of TIGS Foundations role and purpose has grown immensely and the regular and rapidly growing financial support from families is testament to this.


Craig Osborne

Craig Osborne joined TIGS Foundation in 2011 taking on the role of Secretary. He holds a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce (Industrial Relations) from the University of NSW 1987.

He is the Managing Partner of RMB Lawyers. He has high level skills in leadership, strategic planning, developing and working to business plans, business innovation, people management, client relations, team building, motivation, restructuring, continuous improvement, marketing and legal problem solving.

In joining TIGS Foundation he wanted to work with a dynamic team to continue to grow a culture of pride and belonging at the school along with working to develop funds to provide to the School and the Students for the continuation of providing outstanding educational opportunities.

He is an active volunteer in the Illawarra Community and has held, and holds varying Board positions within Government, and non-Government areas of endeavour.

Usha Fernandez

Usha Fernandez is a proud TIGS parent of many years standing, having had her two daughters graduate from TIGS after both completing Kindergarten to Year 12.  Usha is Practice Manager in the family business Dapto Medical and Family Practice and with her husband Dr Cedric Fernandez, is a key leader in the Indian Australian Cultural Association Illawarra.  She has been instrumental in ensuring the ongoing success of the Indian food stall at TIGS Great Fete and the Taj Mahal Luncheon and is passionate about making a positive difference for ‘the architects of our future’ here at TIGS and for those less able or fortunate in our local community.

Joanne Danckwardt

Joanne has been a Foundation Board Member since 2012, and is active in her endeavours to positively introduce new families to TIGS, allowing them to establish themselves and become active members of the TIGS School Community. Ensuring that her son Hunter is well catered for educationally is a priority for Joanne, with TIGS being the perfect fit for him. Joanne has been able to experience the pleasure of seeing him grow and progress through TIGS from Prep through his current Year 8, and is excited about his future prospects.
As a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Joanne is an executive professional who is dedicated and committed to servicing clients’ needs.  In addition, Joanne is a fully qualified property valuer, and holds a Graduate Diploma in Urban Estate Management, along with an Advanced Diploma of Property.
Joanne is passionate about promoting the TIGS School Community, and believes that her position as the Principal of One Agency JD Property Agents provides the ideal platform to promote TIGS and its exceptional educational facilities, and welcome newcomers to the school and what it has to offer. Joanne is committed to working in conjunction with other Foundation Board members to continue to improve and excel the TIGS School Community.


David Laing

David Laing is a Senior Principal with Cardno (a physical and social infrastructure consultancy) and Manager of their Wollongong Office.  He is married to Anita Bout Physiotherapist and has been active in the TIGS Community since his children Madeline (Year 10 - 2013) and Daniel (Year 8 – 2013) first attended Kindergarten and TIGS Extend many-many years ago.  David was asked to join the Board of TIGS Foundation because of his business leadership skills, his infectious enthusiasm and passion for the region, and connections within the Illawarra community.  David realised that TIGS Foundation plays an important part of the School Community and quickly set about rebuilding Foundation in an attempt to match the success of the organisation back in 1980s.  He was responsible for much of the drafting of Foundation’s Business Plan, new business structure and was elected Chair of Foundation in 2010.  He sought support from his colleagues in the TIGS Business Community – many of whom sit on the Board today.  David stood down from the position of Chair in 2013 and continues to serve the organisation on the Board.


Kevin Donald

Kevin Donald is a TIGS alumni parent who has loyally served our School for the last 28 years and continues this generous sharing of his skills and talents today.  Kevin’s two daughters are former students of the school and his family’s decision to send them to TIGS was his belief that the School would offer a caring approach whilst focusing on the individual. His experience as a Manager and Business Developer with Woolworths for 42 years allowed him to gain extensive expertise in development and finance.  This experience coupled with his Christian faith and passion for the TIGS community allowed him to successfully navigate through years of volunteering in senior roles with the School Council, TIGS P & F and Foundation.  In comparing TIGS of yesteryear with the School of today, Kevin believes that the school shines brighter and delivers its promise of Academic, Christian and Caring, more than ever. 



Many Ways To Contribute

There are many ways for a person, family, group or corporation the support to Foundation. Every contribution is valued and recognised in advancing Foundation towards the achievement of its goals. Please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to join or learn more about Foundation and how you can contribute.


We ask for your support for TIGS Foundation Annual Appeal. All financial contributions to Foundation are fully tax deductible and will be used to provide financial assistance for the acquisition, construction and maintenance of the nominated projects or the Scholarship Fund. Through the Foundation you can make a difference for your children and for children and grandchildren who will attend TIGS in the future.

If every family gave a regular gift of $25 or more per quarter, this would considerably advance the School’s development program and enable us to maintain and further enhance the excellent learning facilities that we equate with TIGS.

Appeal Forms can be downloaded below.
icon TIGS Foundation - Annual Appeal Form

Once completed it can be email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail to TIGS Foundation Office, PO Box 225 Figtree NSW 2525.
Donations may also be made by cheque written out to TIGS Foundation Ltd.


A Bequest is a significant and lasting way of contributing to the future of the School. It is a gift of some value and can take many forms such as property, shares, works of art or a specific sum of money. It is not difficult to make a Bequest. If you would like more information on any of the above topics please contact the Foundation Office via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Wills & Estate Offer

Wills and Estate Planning offer

The Illawarra Grammar School Foundation ("TIGS Foundation") is pleased to offer TIGS students' parents, grandparents and extended family members Wills and other Estate Planning documents free of charge and/or at heavily discounted rates.  The TIGS Foundation has partnered with Heard McEwan Lawyers and RMB Lawyers in order to make this offer possible.


The aim is for TIGS students' family members to gain further value from being part of the TIGS community.
Further, it is hoped that TIGS family members that take advantage of this generous offer consider making a voluntary donation to the TIGS Foundation where all funds are utilised to purchase and build further significant and advanced facilities for TIGS students.

The Goals of TIGS Foundation

TIGS Foundation has set clear and achievable goals that will benefit the current students of TIGS and future generations to come.  The goals include:

Developing further as an inclusive, active, and leading association in the School and broader community.

Fundraising for the Reverend Richard Bosanquet Scholarship which currently provides an opportunity for a Senior School Student, who would not normally be able to experience a TIGS education, to flourish in and contribute to the Schools rich and diverse learning environment.

TIGS Foundation Annual Appeal.  The Foundation asks that you make a fully tax deductible donation, which will go towards scholarships or towards buildings, land and other worthy capital projects.

Through the Foundation, you can make a difference for your children/grandchildren and for future children who will attend TIGS.


The offer is summarised as follows:           

1. Simple Will for husband and wife or single parent.  Free of charge.
If you choose to make a voluntary donation to the TIGS Foundation the recommended donation is $300 per pair of wills or $200 for a single will.

2. Simple Will for husband and wife with Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian for each person.  The discounted market value is $600.  In this case $300 plus GST will be paid to the relevant law firm. If you choose to make a voluntary donation to the TIGS Foundation the recommended donation is $300.

3. Testamentary Trust Will alone.  The market value is in excess of $2,000.  In this case $1,000 plus GST will be paid to the relevant law firm.  If you choose to make a voluntary donation to the TIGS Foundation of the recommended donation is $1,000.

4. If you would like to consider leaving a bequest to the TIGS Foundation in your Will, our partner lawyers Heard McEwan and RMB Lawyers are prepared to see you to discuss free of charge to explain what such a bequest would mean and how it would be drafted into your Will.  If you wish to make a bequest into a simple Will the work by Heard McEwan and RMB Lawyers will be performed free of charge and you will not be asked to make a direct donation to the Foundation.

5. Other products and services by discussion and arrangement. 

The above documents can be prepared at your request by arrangement with significant financial benefit to you.

All voluntary donations to the TIGS Foundation are 100% tax deductible.

By making a donation you will become a valued member of the TIGS Foundation.

The Process

The process is for TIGS family members to contact Heard McEwan Lawyers or RMB Lawyers on the contact details below and book an obligation free consultation with either firm. 

At the consultation the lawyer will confirm pricing.  The work will either be free of charge with a donation to the TIGS Foundation or a component for payment to the law firm plus GST and a donation slip for the payment to TIGS Foundation.

The law firm will perform the work and upon completion issue the account for the law firm plus donation payment slip or just the donation payment slip depending on the work performed as agreed.

Details of the Law Firms

David Burrows
Heard McEwan Lawyers
91 Crown Street
Tel:  4254 5222
Offices also at Corrimal, Dapto and Shellharbour City
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Craig Osborne
RMB Lawyers
Level 3, 110-114 Crown Street
Tel:  4228 8288
Offices also at Dapto, Kiama, Barrack Heights,
Nowra, Bowral and Sydney
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact point at TIGS Foundation
Lisa Wilson
TIGS Foundation Coordinator
Tel: 4220 0264
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Details

Contact Foundation:

+61 2 4220 0264

+61 2 4220 0201

PO Box 225
Figtree 2525

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.