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Director of Student Wellbeing 
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In the Junior School at TIGS one of our main aims is to get to know each child individually; their skills, talents, strengths and challenges not only in the academic area but also within the social and emotional areas. It is extremely important to us that we know and care for each child that enters through our doors.

To help us in our endeavour to know each child, we nurture and encourage strong relationships between school and home. We develop parent partnerships with the School through a variety of programs, which enable parents and care givers to establish a connection to the School and in many areas of their child’s school life.

Through our discipline program using ‘Restorative Justice’ we aim to not only keep our students safe, in the classroom and playground, but to help restore and re-build relationships that have been damaged by conflict or misunderstandings. We teach our children the value of having empathy with those we have wronged, thereby living out our philosophy ‘treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.’

Our children learn the value of forgiveness, and the important step of moving on from hurt and conflict.

Our anti-bullying policy has its foundations firmly embedded in the Attitudes of the IB Primary Years Programme which helps us as a whole school community, to provide a safe and supportive environment for all our members. We explicitly foster a culture of respect by encouraging all who learn and work at TIGS to embrace difference, inclusion, self-regulation, perserverance and respect the rights and opinions of others.

All members of our school community, students and staff alike, need to feel that TIGS is a safe place where we care about each other, where needs are met, and where we will be able to get help to work out problems. Having these needs met gives us all a sense of belonging, a sense of connection.