Junior School Leadership Induction

February 18, 2022  

Student leadership plays an important role across the School, however the positions hold an extra importance in the Junior School where our Year 6 students are preparing for the transition to Senior School. They are taking on responsibility, developing their sense of agency and learning about how an individual can make an impact. Student leaders form an important part of the School’s strong peer network, where students encourage and empower each other to achieve their full potential. Leadership positions are an exciting opportunity, and we look forward to seeing what ideas and changes these student leaders bring in the year ahead.   

Congratulations to:

School Captains: Sophie Deck and Thomas Binks

Vice Captains: Ideen Hashemi and Evie Rahim

Aranda: Luca Attorre and Angelique McNeill

Coligan: Liam Perrins and Saoirse Garrett

Kogara: Tyler Hallal and Amelia Murray

Wolgal: Arya Mahantesh and Sophia Johnson

Student Identified: Arya Patil, Chelsea Bessell, Thomas Tarrant, Rithanya Jeyachandrah, Leo Kalsi, Sienna Cleveland, Austin Mitchell, Matilda Vermey. 


National Anthem and School Hymn


Captains Leadership Agreement

Our Captains make their oath to the School Community


Updates and Events


Junior School Swimming Trials