Year 11 Bundanon Arts Camp

February 10, 2023  
Head of The Arts - Mr Brody Toombs

Students from Year 11 Music, Visual Arts and VET Entertainment attended a three day, two night creative camp at Bundanon Trust. Bundanon has a rich and deep connection to the local First Nations community as well as being the site of both Arthur Boyd’s residences. Through a series of workshops that highlighted the breath-taking landscape and deep connections it has to the area, students were able to engage in the creative process in their own personal way. At the start of their HSC journey, this time to gain a richer understanding of the creative process and how to utilise their strengths is critical for students as they start to plan and work on their Bodies of Work in Year 11.


The skills and works produced on the camp will feed directly into the coursework they are undertaking, with Music students studying ‘Australian Music’, Visual Arts students studying ‘A Special Place’ and VET Entertainment students examining the process of working in a creative space and the logistics of creating a project. Each student modelled what it means to be a TIGS student, working collaboratively, taking on board each other’s ideas and ultimately, working as a community to make each other stronger.

We all left excited about what lies ahead and the works produced while on camp. These works and performances will be displayed at the Term II ‘State of The Arts’ exhibition.


Starting Strong


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