Starting Strong

February 10, 2023  
Principal - Mrs Judi Nealy

This year we commence a new strategic cycle with five pillars directing our attention and effort. 

These pillars are an expression of our enduring values – Academic, Christian and Caring. They guide us in our decisions and actions, and in our planning for the future. In the newsletter I will be unpacking a pillar area each term. As we commence a new year of learning together, the most important to unpack is Strong Connection and Care. This is experienced as “we are a safe community where care is active”.

It may seem strange to not start the academic year by unpacking the academic pillar, however for strong learning to occur, young people need to feel known, cared for and safe. They need to be connected to their peer group, known by their teachers, supported by their families and in a place of safety where they can take learning risks across all domains, fail safely, receive feedback and instruction to learn​​. To speak about learning without first understanding the primacy of a culture of connection, support and care is like planning a garden without soil, without stakes, without sun and without water. Nothing will flourish!

Over the next strategic cycle our commitments in this area centre on wellbeing, pastoral care, TIGS community and connection. 


There are 6 initiatives that will be developed:


  1. Enhance capacity for individual and collective wellbeing.
  2. Experience exceptional care.
  3. Design opportunities to care for others.
  4. Ensure the place of wellbeing in TIGS student and staff profiles.
  5. Design TIGS community connection opportunities.
  6. Refresh model for Parent Association.


In 2023 we will focus on the initiatives:
  • Designing opportunities to care for others.
  • Refresh model for Parent Association.


I look forward to sharing our thinking and progress as we commence this work and invite you to contribute particularly to the Parent Association at TIGS. A draft updated constitution is currently being worked on by the current President Mrs Jenny Evans, myself and a working group established by our TIGS Council. The intention is to ensure that our P&F is a welcoming and encouraging group for parents to support their children’s learning and development, support each other and support the School.


Supportive and respectful relationship between all members of our community are an expression of a culture of care. In the main, this is our experience at TIGS, but we can always improve, there are only benefits in doing so!


Kindergarten and Year 5 Buddies learning together.

Collaboration and fun in class.

Supporting each others achievements.

Teamwork through tough times.

Giving each other a friendly helping hand.


Staff profile


Year 11 Bundanon Arts Camp