Year 1 visit Symbio

May 12, 2023  
Mrs Lennea Grace - Acting Director of Life and Learning

On Friday 5 May, Year 1 travelled to Symbio for a wonderful excursion to celebrate their learning during the Unit Of Inquiry “How The World Works“. Students had a fantastic opportunity to see their learning about living things and their features first hand. Highlights from our excursion included feeding native animals such as kangaroos and wallabies. Students also loved looking at the reptiles closely and examining their external features. Year 1 had a beautiful day in the sun exploring Symbio and encountered so many interesting animals.

Here are some recounts and highlights from the excursion from Year 1 students:

Mayur 1K – The cheetah was my favourite animal at Symbio.I learnt that they can run up to 113km per hour.

Henry 1K- My favourite animal was the red panda because they are so cute and I like the colour of their fur.

Jack 1C – The reptile section was my favourite because there were so many cool snakes. The red belly black snake was my favourite because it has a red belly. I also liked seeing the saltwater crocodiles.

Serena 1C – My favourite animal was the koala because they are cute. They sleep about 21 hours every day which isĀ  a lot. I saw five koalas and one baby koala. Did you know a baby koala is called a joey?

Sofia 1B – My favourite part was looking at the cheetah because it runs really fast. I also liked feeding the goats and one of them jumped at me!

Dianca 1B – I liked seeing the koalas moving in the trees and feeding the goats.



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