Try TIGS Year 7

August 7, 2020  
Deputy Principal and Chaplain - Rev. James Rogers

One of the highlights to the start of Term III has been the Try TIGS Day that we conducted for Year 6 students planning their entry into Year 7 in 2021.
The day is a complement to the Year 5 Try TIGS Day and is designed to give students a real taste of life in the Senior School.

The event this year was significantly impacted by COVID-19. We had postponed the event earlier in the year as we were experiencing the first wave of the virus; when it came to our rescheduled date, we had to make the difficult decision to proceed with the day for current Year 6 TIGS students only.

The day was designed around giving students a taste of a normal day in Year 7. There were lessons in English, Mathematics, Science and History (HSIE) as well as elective masterclasses in Music, Art, Rugby, Soccer, Coding, Design and Languages. These masterclasses allowed students to tap into some of their particular interests and passions.

The students embraced the day with confidence and flair. One of the benefits of being a Pre-Prep to Year 12 school is that our Junior School students have already had a lot of exposure to the Senior School campus and staff before they are confronted with the scary business of transitioning from primary school to high school. They felt at home already and this had a significant impact on how they approached the day. They were settled, secure, and ready to learn.

And learn they did!

I was delighted to drop in on some of the lessons and discover our students not only engaged in their learning but fully enjoying their learning experiences. It was a very successful introduction to Year 7.

In an attempt to cater to those who were not able to attend the day, a video was created which tracked a normal day in the life of a Year 7 TIGS student. Current Year 7 students Ting-Ting and William were filmed attending their classes and speaking about their experiences. The film was made by Year 9 students Annemieke and Myles. They did a fantastic job of bringing out the best in the students and what is special about TIGS. This video was sent to families who are considering commencing in Year 7 at TIGS next year. It is a wonderful showcase of our School and shows the ability and maturity of our students.

Days such as Try TIGS gives one the opportunity to reflect upon what is unique about TIGS. I have much to say but perhaps I am best placed to leave the final word to those Year 6 students who recorded their reflections of the day:

“It really felt like I was in Year 7 and I feel like I am more confident about going into Year 7 next year.”

“I think that it was a pretty good introduction to Year 7 and there is nothing else that you would need to know.”

“It was a great day. I loved everything.”


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