Smooth Seas Do Not Make Skilled Sailors

August 7, 2020  
Head of Senior School - Mr Nick Hackett

Each year, Term III is a particularly busy time at TIGS with a range of activities and significant events taking place. This year we’ve had to make some changes to our normal approaches, but I’m excited that the term ahead will be a time in which the efforts and achievements of our students will be showcased in a variety of ways. Over the coming weeks, I’ll look to provide you with some of the highlights you can look forward to.

Year 10 Personal Project

If you have a son or daughter in Year 10 you will no doubt have some first-hand knowledge of the work that goes into the Personal Project. We will be exhibiting the final products for students to visit on Tuesday 11 August and Wednesday 12 August. This year, parents will be able to view the unique and varied areas of focus from across the cohort via an online exhibition which will be available from Friday 21 August.

Year 11 Leadership

The application process for Year 11 Captains and Prefects has now been completed. I would like to commend all applicants for putting themselves forward. The standard of applicants this year was particularly high and they have given us a really hard task in allocating these formal roles. Our new Captains and Prefects will be presented to students in a special assembly on Wednesday 19 August.

Year 12 Trials

There is an African proverb which says ‘Smooth seas do not make skilled sailors’. It is a phrase that comes to mind a lot as I speak with TIGS students about their experiences of 2020. For Year 12 in particular, managing the demands of the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and Diploma Programme (DP) courses, against the backdrop of a global pandemic has been a mammoth task but time and again I have been so encouraged by their tenacity, their determination and their commitment. 

 Year 12 Trials started this week and by the time they have finished, this cohort of students who have had such a unique Year 12, will be on the home straight for their HSC exams proper and the world of higher education, employment and discovery that lies beyond. Keep going Year 12, you have not experienced smooth seas, but you are making great progress and we are all really proud of you!


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