The long road to the finish line

October 15, 2021  
Principal - Mrs Judi Nealy

Even as we are making the final adjustments to return to face to face learning we have had to make the difficult decision to not hold any in-school end of year events. The two exceptions to this decision are a possible Year 10 and 12 Formal and Year 6 progression, for which we continue to hold out hope!

Our other end of year events will not occur in their usual format this year. The events affected include:

  • Sports Presentation Evening
  • The Works Exhibition
  • Infants Pageant and Year 2 Progression
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Year 3 to Year 6 Presentation Day
  • Senior School Presentation Evening

It is a great loss not to have these opportunities for us to gather as a community and celebrate success and effort. However the current COVID required restrictions with regard to cohort separation mean even live streamed events are not permitted. In addition, most events feature student performances as a highlight and we are not yet permitted to rehearse together or perform. These restrictions mean we were significantly constrained in regard to our preferred content for these events and when students return to campus we want to be able to prioritise in-class interactions and learning.

As a result, we are currently constructing a celebration microsite which will be available online at the end of the Term. This site will allow students, parents and family members to access various components of our end of year celebrations and celebrate a successful year at TIGS. While this option cannot replace our face to face events, I trust that they will provide a faithful report of the year we have had and also a record that can be kept and treasured by our students and their families.


Congratulations Mr Tregonning!


Giving back to the community