Strategic about excellence

May 5, 2023  
Mrs Judi Nealy - Principal

Pillar 1 – Strong Learning

“We have outstanding teachers partnered with engaged learners and parents to achieve excellent personal outcomes.”


This term I am excited to unpack with our community Pillar 1 of our strategic plan which focuses on Strong Learning.

This pillar highlights the importance of collaboration and dedication among teachers, students, and parents to achieve excellent results in education. It empahsises the crucial role that each group plays in creating a successful learning environment.

The use of the word “outstanding” indicates our commitment to ensuring that teachers at TIGS  are of exceptional quality and highly skilled. TIGS teachers are indeed outstanding and this is something to be safeguarded and enhanced. Our teaching staff are diverse and highly skilled, they bring their own unique perspectives, interests and expertise to every interaction with their students. However even with this wonderful diversity, there is cohesion and consistency in the way learning is designed, delivered and evaluated at TIGS, and it is this cohesion that ensures outstanding individual and collecting learning outcomes for our students.

The phrase “engaged learners” empahsises that TIGS students are actively involved in their own learning, which is essential for achieving positive individual outcomes. This is achieved by the careful selection of content and the intentional design of learning engagements that are interesting to our students, relevant and meaningful. Individualised feedback further strengthens learning engagement, ensuring that every student knows what they need to learn next to improve and continue to progress.

Finally learning engagement is enhanced when every student feels known and cared for by their teacher. There is a positive relationship between the teacher and the student that is built around supporting learning across all domains.

The inclusion of parents in the strategic goal is also significant, as it acknowledges the critical role that parents and caregivers play in supporting their children’s education. By partnering with teachers and students, parents can help create a supportive and nurturing learning environment that enables students to achieve their full potential.

Our focus on Strong Learning, highlights the importance of collaboration and dedication among all stakeholders in the learning community to achieve excellent outcomes for students. This is what we have at TIGS and what we seek to strengthen further in the current strategic cycle.



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