2023 Cross Country Carnival

May 5, 2023  
Mr Adrian Deck - Head of Sport

With rain threatening all week, we were blessed with stunning weather for the 2023 TIGS Cross Country Carnival, held in the final week of Term I. After the rain delays and venue change last year, it was wonderful to be back at Kembla Joggers purpose-built Cross Country course at Kembla Grange.

Our students relished the opportunity to run at the beautiful site, and there were many great performances throughout the day. The House competitions in both the Junior and Senior Schools were hotly contested, with some very close results between all the Houses.

Congratulations to Kogara in the Junior School and Wolgal in the Senior School for winning the House competitions.

Thank you to all the staff and Year 10 PASS students who helped make the day such a success.

House results and age champion top three are listed below:

Junior School

1st – Kogara

2nd – Aranda

3rd – Coligan

4th – Wolgal

Age Champions

Age Male Female
  1. Oscar Sheppard
  2. Charbel Douna
  3. Charles Le Mesurier
  1. Johanna Huda
  2. Eva Heritage
  3. Isabella Adams
  1. Liam Clark
  2. Alexandre Lahore-Lahitte
  3. Ethan Murray
  1. Bronte Vermey
  2. Rayna Chieng
  3. Kirra Oxman
  1. Sam Hoskins
  2. Cooper Johanson
  3. Jaxson Turner
  1. Chloe Greenhalgh
  2. Ava Tierney
  3. Anna Starr
  1. Alby Churven
  2. Sebastien Lahore-Lahitte
  3. James Rutty
  1. Emily Clark
  2. Madeleine MacKay
  3. Millie Rossit


Senior School

1st – Wolgal

2nd – Aranda

3rd – Kogara

4th – Coligan

Age Champions

Age Male Female
  1. William Murrie
  2. Liam Perrins
  3. Oliver Ng
  1. Rubina
  2. Sienna Cleveland
  3. Bianca Ratajkoski
  1. Patrick Reid
  2. Shay Grennan
  3. Joe Sommerville
  1. Chelsea Bessell
  2. Amelia Murray
  3. Matilda Vermey
  1. Michael Mitchell
  2. Jack Gibson
  3. Jamie Vickery
  1. Annie Martin
  2. Tahlie Oxman
  3. Evelyn Sanzone
  1. Brody Gardiner
  2. Tom I’Ons
  3. James Murray
  1. Mikayla McLean
  2. Ashleigh Ellis
  3. Yananai Chibanda
  1. Samuel Lowe
  2. Oscar Kiely
  3. Saxon Parrish
  1. Claire Spicknall
  2. Ella Fennell
  3. Zoe McClatchie
  1. James Brewer
  2. Jack McClatchie
  3. Jude De Araujo
  1. Jessica Llewellin
  2. Loen Sevastos
  3. Laura Ellis
  1. Junho Cho
  2. William Hardie
  3. Leonard Jaeger
  1. Ashley Armstrong
  2. Isabel O’Brien
  3. Jessica Harman

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