Share the Joy

November 20, 2020  
Deputy Principal and Chaplain - Rev. James Rogers

If there was ever a year we need some Christmas cheer, it is 2020. Bring it on!
I was pleased to hear on the news this week that Australians are finally starting to get excited about celebrating Christmas. We certainly need something to celebrate.

Even so, Christmas will be difficult for many families this year. COVID-19 has had a significant economic impact. Many have lost their jobs with an increase in the reliance on welfare. Complicating this is a downturn in support of welfare organizations this year. It has the makings of a perfect storm for many this Christmas. I don’t want to assume we at TIGS have been unaffected. I know the economic challenges of COVID-19 have impacted many TIGS families. We are not immune. It has been a challenging year for all.

Even so, the Christmas season presents us with an opportunity to consider the needs of others. For many years now, we have participated in Anglicare’s Toys ‘n’ Tucker campaign. This week I am launching our campaign for 2020.

The request is simple: each student is encouraged to bring food and toys to donate to those in need this Christmas. We will be accepting donations at School up until Monday 7 December. Anglicare will pick our offerings up from the School on Wednesday 9 December. I hope they will be taken aback by our generosity. Let’s work towards that, knowing our gifts will mean a great deal for many in need this Christmas.

I spoke a couple of weeks ago about the power of our rituals and routines as a School to form our students in particular ways. The Toys ‘n’ Tucker campaign is one of those rituals that can shape our students to be other-person-centred in their thinking and practice. For this reason, I encourage you to embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm, knowing that in doing good for others, we are doing good for our children by shaping them to be caring and compassionate people.

Students in TIGS Prep can deposit their items at the reception office; students in the Junior School can donate to their classroom teachers; students in the Senior School can deposit their contributions in the Library’s foyer. Donations can be brought in immediately.

I know Anglicare values the generosity of TIGS. We are one of the campaign’s biggest supporters. I hope this year will be no exception. Let’s share the spirit this Christmas.

To assist, I have included below ANGLICARE’s suggestions for appropriate donations. Standard sizes (as indicated) are preferred to help fit everything in neatly packed hamper boxes.

Shopping list


  • Christmas cake
  • Christmas pudding
  • Tinned ham (450g)
  • Tinned salmon (415g)
  • Tea (50pk) or Coffee (100g)
  • Milo (small tin)
  • Packet of biscuits
  • Dried pasta (500g)
  • Pasta sauce
  • Long-life milk, custard or cream
  • Tinned fruit and vegetables (425g)
  • Jam (500g)

(Sadly, we can’t include chocolate as it’s likely to melt.)

Gift ideas

  • Pre-School
    • Age-appropriate games
    • Educational toys
    • Picture books
  • Children
    • Good-quality toys
    • Outdoor games
    • Sporting equipment
  • Teenagers
    • Gift cards/vouchers
    • Sporting equipment
    • Toiletry packs


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