Senses Of Spring

September 10, 2020  
Director of TIGS Prep - Mrs Taesha Duley-Smith

Our early spring days have seen new colours and tones emerging, with a palette of new growth in our gardens. As the days are getting warmer, the beautiful flowers have already started blossoming all around. The children have created artworks to welcome the season of spring.

In Prep, the children were introduced to some of Claude Monet’s paintings with his works mainly being focused on scenes of nature and gardens. The children used the prints as a reference and inspiration to create art using a technique called “scrape painting”. This technique consists of putting blobs of paint on the paper and using a card to scrape the paint across the paper. The children observed what happens when colours are mixed together and were amazed by the artworks they created.

The Cooinda children’s interest in the natural world around them was inspired with the aroma of the freshly picked flowers from the garden. After listening to the story ‘Millie-Mae in Spring’ by Natalie Marshall the children were immediately interested in “Why flowers start to grow in spring” which led us to our curiosity on how plants grow.

They filled their senses as we all gathered round to smell, admire and feel the boutique of flowers. There was lots of conversation and intrigue as we talked about looking after the flowers and giving them some water to drink. The children observed and drew the flowers in the vase noticing the fine and intricate elements, taking their time to notice the fine details and colours. The children have captured the flowers in a beautiful watercolour painting, reminiscent of French impressionists. Everyone’s delightful art pieces were displayed in our class gallery, illustrating great free expression produced by our little artists.




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