Senior School success at GATEway8

August 19, 2022  

GATEway8 is an annual inter-school academic challenge. The competition is targeted at high potential learners in Year 5 to Year 10 and runs across three days. Tasks are designed to stimulate the eight multiple intelligences outlined by Howard Gardner (Linguistic intelligence, Logical-mathematical intelligence, Spatial intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence, Musical intelligence, Interpersonal intelligence, Intrapersonal intelligence and Naturalist intelligence).

In Week 3, Mrs Burton took two teams from The Illawarra Grammar School to compete in the first GATEway8 Competition to take place after two years’ hiatus.

The Year 9 and Year 10 team achieved first place in Drama and the Year 7 to Year 8 team achieved first place in Drama, second place in Humanities, and third place in Science and Maths. Both teams competed with enthusiasm and good sportsmanship as they were tested in multiple intelligences. 

The Year 7 to Year 8 team was composed of: Rhys Chieng, Charlee Ducat, Zahra Freeman, Tom I’Ons, Robbie Lavalle, Yasmin Matar, Remy Rayment-Shield and Lola Stephenson. 

The Year 9 to Year 10 team was Campbell Boardman, Ting-Ting Cook, Naoka Hutchins, Alyssa Jeffries, Bora Kim, Sam Robinson, Saksham Sirohi and Samarth Sirohi.


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