Secure Beginnings

March 11, 2022  
Director of TIGS Prep - Mrs Naomi Sheridan

Children in early childhood develop a sense of belonging when they feel accepted, and trust those that care for them. As children develop their understanding of identity, they explore different aspects of physical, social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive and language growth and development through play and their relationships. When children feel safe, secure and supported, they grow in confidence and begin exploring their environment and learning.

The settling in period is an important stage of your child’s development, as we support your child to feel secure and confident in their new settings, they also begin building strong attachments to their new teachers. We understand that the settling in period is different for each child. TIGS Prep educators spend considerable time in the early weeks getting to know your child’s interests, needs, likes and dislikes to create an environment where they feel safe and secure. Building relationships allows educators to know and understand your child, establishing special bonds and a real sense of belonging in the TIGS community. We recognise this time may be difficult for our parents as well. Please be assured that your child’s educators will contact you with any questions or issues that may arise and you are most welcome to call us at any time to check how they are progressing.

From the start of the year, we begin to embed many opportunities for the children to learn new skills and knowledge through play, intentional teaching, specialist lessons, routines and transitions. This has given us insight into the children’s interests and identity, which allows us to create purposeful learning environments throughout the term.

At any moment, our classrooms are full of various interests that are constantly emerging, all stemming from the children’s ideas, experiences and wonder. We hope that our inviting and engaging environments further enhance the children’s development and growth. Children explore and express their developing ideas and thoughts through play and exploration. Play is a powerful tool.

Kinderloop is a wonderful way for parents to view the classroom and see the posts each week reflecting the play environments, intentional teaching, specialist lessons and the children’s interests. Experiences across the week are designed to create and encourage discussion and exploration of concepts, skills, and knowledge through interactions with peers and adults. We hope you value these posts each week and see the wonderful learning the children are experiencing during their days here at TIGS Prep.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful year ahead of learning, exploration, collaboration, fun, connection and friendship.


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