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March 13, 2020  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

Developing important skills in debating

As a co-educational, independent school, TIGS competes annually in the NSW HICES (Heads of Independent Co-educational Schools) Debating Competition. This week, two Junior School teams, along with fellow Senior School debaters, travelled to Wollondilly Anglican College to compete in the 2nd preliminary round of this competition. The topic for the Junior debate was that ‘therapy animals should be compulsory in all schools’. As a prepared debate, both teams had the opportunity to formulate points and research evidence to support their stance prior to the debate. Both teams were victorious so our students may just be heading up the hill to visit Mrs Nealy with strong points for the addition of a therapy animal at TIGS!

One exciting opportunity for the Junior team in this competition is to learn from the older students and become part of the audience for the Senior or Open debates. This leaves them in awe of what is to follow, as they observe great skill and ability to deliver effective, targeted rebuttals about topics that were issued only one hour prior.

The ability to speak confidently and to debate in public are skills to be encouraged in our students. Not only are they talents that will be used throughout life in many situations, they provide practice in thinking rapidly and arranging arguments in a coherent, targeted fashion. Programmed in-class debating opportunities are embedded into our Units of Inquiry in the latter years of the Junior School, with the primary goal of developing students who have the ability to stand up for a myriad of issues, with passion, strength of argument and most importantly, evidence.

NASSA Junior Swimming Carnival

TIGS swim team competed at the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre against seven other New Anglican Schools Association (NASSA) schools. There were many outstanding individual and relay performances on the night with 10 students, including the Junior and Senior boys relay teams, qualifying for the NSW Combined Independent Schools (CIS) championships to be held on Thursday 26 March. Congratulations to all team members on your efforts in the pool, your outstanding conduct at the carnival and the way you supported each other.  A huge thank you to Mrs Dribbus, Mrs Martin and Ms Worthington for ensuring such a fabulous event.

NASSA Swim Team to CIS


Zali-Rose Mcllwraith – 2nd Place 8 years 50m Free

Tahlie Oxman – 2nd Place – 12 years 50m Free

Oliver Percival – 2nd Place – 10 years 50m Free, 2nd Place 50m Breaststroke, 2nd Place 50m Backstroke

Oliver Johnson – 1st Place 11 years 50m Free, 3rd Place 100m Free

Alexander MacKay – 3rd Place 11 years 50m Free, 3rd Place 50m Breaststroke, 1st Place 50m Backstroke, 1st Place 50m Butterfly

Tom I’Ons – 3rd Place 12 years 50m Free

Alexander Mumford – 3rd Place 12 years 50m Breaststroke, 2nd Place 50m Butterfly



Boys Junior – Joshua Mumford, Kobi Woods, Luca Attorre and Oliver Percival – 2nd Place

Boys Senior – Oliver Johnson, Tom I’Ons, Alexander MacKay, Alexander Mumford – 3rd Place



Junior School Awards

Congratulations to all students who have achieved awards. A full list is available on the Junior School Awards page of OLLE.


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