Exceeding National Quality Standards

March 13, 2020  
Director of TIGS Prep - Mrs Taesha Duley-Smith

In 2019 (and previously in 2014), TIGS Prep was awarded the overall rating of Exceeding National Quality Standards after a robust assessment and rating process as part of the National Quality Framework, in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law. The overall rating of Exceeding National Quality Standards is testament to The Illawarra Grammar School’s motto, ‘From Strength to Strength’

An ‘Exceeding’ rating is one of the highest ratings an education and care service can achieve under the National Quality Framework.
According to ACECQA’s website, “The awarding of the Exceeding rating by ACECQA indicates that a service is embracing continuous quality improvement and practice and are evolving over time to improve outcomes for children and families at the highest level.” It also recognises providers who are champions of quality improvement, innovative leaders beyond the service, and are raising the bar on quality education and care for Australian children.”

On our recent Staff Development Day, the TIGS Prep educators began to engage in the process of commencing the Quality Improvement Plan and self-assessment process for 2020. The Guide to the National Quality Standard identifies, ‘The first step in the quality improvement planning process is to conduct a self- assessment’.

“Self-assessment involves critically reflecting on current practice at the service, deciding what is being done well and identifying opportunities for improvement. The approved provider, educators and management should be familiar with the NQS and related regulatory requirements and reflect on practice, policies and procedures against the seven (7) quality areas of the NQS and related regulatory requirements.” (page 314, National Quality Standards Assessment and Rating)

The start of the year is a great time to set the scene for quality improvement. It creates a climate of possibilities and opportunities for educators, children and families who attend TIGS Prep. A Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is a document that identifies the service’s goals for quality improvement and notes some strategies for achieving those goals. It helps everyone at the service to stay focused on the improvements and on implementing the strategies needed to achieve the goals. TIGS Prep is constantly improving and refining what we do and raising the bar of early childhood education and care.

Process for developing and implementing a QIP

  • identifying strengths and improvements needed.
  • planning improvements and including them in the QIP.
  • implementing improvements.
  • reviewing progress.
  • self-assessment.

To read more about the National Quality Framework please visit the ACECQA website.

Thank you to all our families for the confidence you place in us every day in ensuring that your children get the best start in life.




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