Library News

May 8, 2020  
TIGS Libary - Mr David Green

The Goodhew Research Center (Library) will be open from 8.40am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday. Please feel free to come and borrow books, adhering to social distancing protocols when on school grounds. We have had very high borrowing over this period so don’t worry if the book you want is out, or not on the shelf as it is undergoing disinfecting processes, as we also have an extensive eBook collection. 

Click HERE for instructions on how to access and download eBooks.

Scholastic Book Club

The Scholastic Book Club has put out their next issue. Click HERE to view the catalogue. Ordering books is NOT compulsory. If you are interested in ordering any of these titles, visit the Library OLLE page for instructions on how to register (if you have not done previously) and order books.

The Library also hosts video services including Clickview and BrainPoP as well as a ‘Reading Toolbox‘ that hosts links to audiobooks, eBooks, Podcasts, Book Reviews, Book Trailers and many more resources. 


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