Embraced Learning Opportunities

May 8, 2020  
Director of TIGS Prep - Mrs Taesha Duley-Smith

The effect of the Covid-19 outbreak on early childhood education has had far-reaching consequences for educators, parents and children alike. Finding solutions to these challenging issues requires collaboration, willingness and patience.

As a learning community, we found ourselves planning and implementing for a situation that we have never experienced before. Thank you for your patience as we worked together to deliver an engaging online programme of activities that are interesting, stimulating and that cater for all learners in these extraordinary circumstances.

I have sincerely appreciated the positive comments parents have posted on Kinderloop. Our team of TIGS Prep educators have done, and continue to do, an incredible job of keeping parents informed on ‘Landscapes of Possibilities’ posts. They have embedded our pedagogical value and philosophy that children’s natural curiosity should not be undiminished, as children still want to create, wonder, explore and discover.

So many parents and children embraced the suggested learning opportunities, community connections, daily challenges, as well as the sharing experiences that have taken place in the home. Cooking, learning an instrument, building with LEGO, board games, working on a puzzle – these are just some of the many things that children can be doing in their additional time at home and sharing with our TIGS Prep community.

It has become so important that we ensure that our children are feeling safe and secure, despite so much change taking place in the world around them. Fortunately, children are incredibly resilient. I am ever mindful that all of our teaching and administrative staff have their own anxieties to deal with at this time, and yet they never allow these to impact the children. Along with the understanding that parents are also under added pressure, particularly those who are trying to work from home.

We are passionate about inspiring a culture of support and recognition through the continuous development of relationships and believe that TIGS Prep is as an extension of the families that make up our community.

It is anticipated as the coming weeks progress and as the situation changes in our country, a degree of normality will return to all domains of life, including here at TIGS Prep. We will stay up to date with these changes and make all decisions based on the wellbeing of the children and the educators. We will continue to contact families regarding days of attendance each week. We ask that all our parents continue to observe Government guidelines regarding social distancing and remain vigilant in their approach to minimising the exposure of children and staff to the virus, ensuring a safe environment for all.



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