Conditions for GROWTH

February 11, 2022  
Principal - Mrs Judi Nealy

Every good gardener knows that growth doesn’t “just happen”. As we commence 2022 with a shared focus on growth, it is crucial that we also consider and plan for the conditions that make growth possible, flourishing and sustained. Growth must be underpinned by nurture, support, planning and care – in the garden and at School. These conditions for growth are delivered both at home and at School and they are too important to leave to chance.


Conditions for strong, consistent and healthy growth are created and protected – this is nurture. Educators and parents know that young people do not learn well unless they feel safe, known and cared for. An approach centered around nurture is the critical first step to a year of strong growth. At home you can contribute to this essential element by updating the School with any relevant information on how your child is feeling about their learning and the return to School, by being positive and encouraging about the year ahead. At School, our extensive Wellbeing programmes and focus on broad, holistic opportunities provide nurture for the whole person, so that their learning can flourish.


For all ages, the early stages of new growth are enhanced by support. Perhaps this means an additional explanation, perhaps feedback on how to improve further or gentle encouragement around effort and goals. At home you can provide support by ensuring the year commences with a quiet and organized space for homework and study and that your child knows you are there to assist him or her if they have any learning or other concerns. At School our classes are small and our students are known individually by their teachers. In addition the Personalisation and Enhancement Department ensures that there is continuity of insight and strategies for students who require additional assistance or extension. Families can feel confident to reach out to Deans, Mentors or Classroom Teachers to raise any concerns and to access the support their child needs to grow in 2022.


Intentional growth is carefully planned for and informed by data. TIGS staff have access to rich data that tracks student outcomes and influences our planning and programme development. Parents can help their child in effectively receiving feedback from their teachers and in determining the next steps to continue to grow. Plan their progress and success!


Individual care is a high impact contributor to growth. Our School is founded on the value of care. We care for each student as a unique and valuable person. In 2022 we will continue to seek personal excellence and growth for every student, not in competition but with an attitude of “Personal Best” so that every student can be the best that they can be. Families who demonstrate that they care about how their child is progressing, participating and taking responsibility for growth experience success. 

At our commencement service last week I asked every student to write an action they would commit to undertaking this term for growth. I encourage you to speak to them at home about this request, and if it wasn’t followed, perhaps provide the necessary encouragement to identify an area and write it down. It is well known that articulating and sharing a goal increases the likelihood of success. If you know the action your son or daughter is planning to take for growth, you can provide specific and targeted care, planning, support and nurture.

Schools often speak about academic rigour. The TIGS definition of rigour is high expectations, high effort and high care for every member of our community. As we commence our year focusing on strong growth this shared understanding of rigour is extremely relevant and helpful for families in your learning discussions, for students as they plan their approach and identify goals for a new year and for our staff, as we seek to serve our learners well. I am excited to see the growth that will occur across all areas in our community this year and I invite each family to share in nurturing, supporting, planning and caring for each member of our community as we grow together.




Kindergarten First Day