Book Week – Dreaming with eyes open

September 2, 2022  
Director of TIGS Prep - Mrs Naomi Sheridan

TIGS Prep enjoyed a wonderful week of dreaming up and transforming into their favourite book character to celebrate Book Week. There were Gruffalos, witches with no room on their brooms, Fancy Nancy’s, astronauts, a Very Hungry Caterpillar, Little Red Riding Hood (and a wolf), superheroes, very scary dinosaurs, friendly dinosaurs (not ones that eat you), spotty dogs, Emma Wiggle, Bluey and Bingo, Elsa, Hermione, some pirates, Nemo, Ninja Turtles, a lifesaver, butterflies, Peter Rabbit, Lightning McQueen, princesses, Red Panda, the Cat in the Hat, farmers, builders, Irish dancing girl, fairies, Minnie Mouse, as well as a rainbow of unicorns. 


Dressing up to celebrate and share our favourite stories ignited a spark to delight in the wonder of storytelling; talking, singing and acting as we came together to share our love of all things books. Books, in particular, are a gateway for many adventures; a way of learning and questioning, encouraging imaginations to alight with journeys to places near and far. They help children understand emotions and feelings and learn about real-life experiences. Reading at a young age is a shared experience where connections are made and relationships are formed. Spending time reading together provides an opportunity to set up a regular, shared event where children look forward to spending time together.

Reading to children from a young age stimulates brain cells, strengthening and forming new connections each time a story is shared. Stimulating your young child’s brain cells through these early experiences will help them become better listeners, readers, and communicators and instil a lifelong love of learning.


Literacy skills, including phonemic awareness, reading comprehension and vocabulary, is developed through reading and helps to build a child’s understanding of the world around them. Helping your child learn about the world in a supportive and caring environment also assists young children in learning about their own culture, other cultures and diversity.


Dreaming with eyes open brings us into a whole world of wonder, a world where anything you can dream of being, you can be as we transport and immerse young children in Prep into a world of dreaming and learning through books. Dreaming is all around us – now, then and always.


If you would like to enjoy a classic story with your child, watch and listen with Michael Rosen as he takes us on a bear hunt. Click here to watch. 

Thank you to our families, children and Prep staff for making the celebration of books such fun.


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