Year 3 Music Concert

November 10, 2023  
Mrs Claire Hollander - Junior School Music Teacher

Last Tuesday all students in Year 3 shared their learning in Music at the Term IV Concert. Students have been learning guitar, violin, cello or piano in small groups in their Music class throughout the year. Our first concert was early in Term II, and it was great to see how far the students have progressed in their playing since then. The concert was held in the Recital room, as this is a purpose-built performance space, and was well attended by parents.

There were some very excited and nervous students that morning, but as the students reflected after the event, part of being a performer is learning to manage these feelings. They can even help you to focus and do your best. Confidence also comes from being well prepared. The students also reflected that even if you do make a mistake during a performance, the thing to do is to just keep going and not let it bother you.

The piano students performed on their own or in pairs, string players in class groups, and all 18 guitarists performed together in one group, showing excellent listening skills.

Congratulations Year 3 on a fantastic event!


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