Values in action

August 25, 2023  
Mrs Judi Nealy - Principal

One of the delights of interacting with the young people in our School is observing their real desire to be of service; to each other, to their School, to our community and even further. TIGS students make a difference for good, during their time at school and very often after they have left. This is an expression of our values in action.

Our pillar values of Christian and Caring a deeply intertwined and complimentary. We are encouraged in the Bible to love one another and one of the ways we can do this is through service. In the last term break a group of students from Year 11 travelled to the remote community of Nganambala in the Northern Territory and I am delighted to share this reflection written by Ruby Coleman-Stone in collaboration with fellow students who participated in this opportunity.

Ruby writes:

“We are thrilled to share the heartwarming journey of our recent trip to Nganambala, where we were blessed with a remarkable chance to connect with the children and truly embrace the essence of their vibrant community. This unforgettable venture allowed us to witness firsthand the significance of Christian and community values, demonstrating the strength that lies within communal bonds and the spirit of caring for one another.

 As we explored their culture and traditions, we were reminded of the Christian virtue of humility, understanding that we are all integral parts of a larger global family, interconnected and interdependent. This inspired us to step beyond our comfort zones, humbly embracing the opportunity to actively listen and learn from diverse perspectives. In doing so, we fostered an environment of mutual respect and genuine empathy, nurturing understanding and harmony.

 As we returned from this life-altering journey, we carried with us a renewed sense of purpose and a desire to incorporate the lessons learned into our daily lives. Love, compassion, and selflessness were exemplified by the members of this close-knit community, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. Together, we engaged in meaningful conversations, celebrated each other’s uniqueness, and forged lasting connections that transcended cultural boundaries.

 We are forever grateful for the privilege to be a part of such an amazing trip, one that has inspired us to build a more compassionate and understanding world, embrace our shared humanity and foster a global community of love and respect.”

This opportunity to grow in empathy, insight, humility and connectedness is achieved through carefully curated service experiences in parallel with our wellbeing and classroom learning. Being involved in experiences like this provides our students with the opportunity to explore an approach to life and living that is open to a world view that includes philanthropy and service. It is good for others and positive psychology also tells us that it is very good for them as well!



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