The Magic Of Mindfulness

September 18, 2020  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

Dr Justin Coulson is a child psychologist who writes and speaks about parenting and family. He is a former Wollongong resident, who now resides in Queensland. He provides outstanding advice and support that is relevant, helpful and really insightful. He recently provided outstanding tips on ways to support students who had observed the TikTok video featured in the news. I encourage you to engage with his work, as a helpful guide to your growing children, particularly those entering the preteen years.

This week Dr Coulson talks about the Magic of Mindfulness!

With the increasing awareness around the growing anxiety in our children, we have the important responsibility to help our children develop techniques to help ease these moments.

The techniques assist students to consider:

  • How many thoughts have you had so far today?
  • How many problems have you had to solve?
  • How many directions has your mind been pulled?
  • And what impact has that constant pull had on your nervous system and mental health?

Our lives are busier, noisier, and more hectic than ever. And it’s only becoming more so for our young people. Their generation is facing unique challenges, and as parents, we are finding ourselves in uncharted territory as we try to equip them with the skills they need to cope.
But help is available, and it’s something completely within reach – for you and your children.
Research into Mindfulness tells us it’s one of the most effective tools to ease anxiety and manage stress. Mindfulness techniques are simple, easy to practice, and once learned they can be called upon at any time, in any place.

In the Magic of Mindfulness, Dr Justin Coulson will share a simple step-by-step guide to first understand, and then teach mindfulness to your family. I encourage you to attend this insightful session:



Carline Safety and Car Seats

Thank you for your continued support of our carline procedures. The process continues to remain smooth and safe.

Please note that children who are older than four years old, require a forward-facing booster/car seat, and should be approximately 145cm in height to use an adult seat belt. Students should be able to clip their seatbelt independently. Our younger students must be placed in the back seat, in their booster/car seat, not the front. Younger students will not be placed into the front seat of a car, and we thank you for your cooperation.



Tournament of Minds 2020

This year, 28 Stage 3 students formed four teams across three disciplines to compete in Tournament of Minds (ToM). Due to COVID-19, there were many changes to the competition format which presented new, unique challenges. One main change involved videoing and uploading solutions in a reduced timeframe instead of performing solutions at the University of Wollongong. There was also no spontaneous challenge but rather extra written work outlining each group’s action plan and an overall summary of dramatic performance.

There was also only one Super Challenge for all disciplines, Language Literature, The Arts, Social Science and STEM, as outlined below:

Quo Vadis? (Latin for “Where are you going?”)


People often come across unusual things in unusual places.
Something extraordinary has been found . . . in an unexpected place by an out of the ordinary group. People are asking many questions, there are so many questions but so few answers. Each team was required to embark on a journey to find the answers.


Explain how and where your team found the amazing discovery.
Outline the journey your team then takes to seek answers to the questions people are asking.

  • What is the amazing discovery?
  • Where is it from?
  • Who created it and why?
  • What was its purpose?
  • What is the significance and possible consequences of the find?

Each team must explain how this discovery sheds light on the past and holds the key to the future.

Our Language Literature team consisting of Rhys, Riya, Nicolei, Evelyn, Kai, Oliver, Isabelle wrote a brilliant script about eradicating stereotypes after considering the ‘Don’t be a Karen’ meme.

The Social Sciences Blue team consisting of Aahan, Amaan, Lucas, Oliver, Leo, Daniel and Harshan used the Black Lives Matter movement as stimulus to set about travelling back in time to the days of Christopher Columbus to find a way to stop slavery.

The other Social Sciences team with members Isabella, Yasmin, Annaliese, Yana, Bridie, Beth and Avni devised the amazing idea of challenging the idiom to ‘think outside the box’ with the ultimate discovery that anyone could actually think outside the box with the right provocation.

The STEM team consisting of Kaj, Gabriel, Tobias, Jamie, Muhammad and Tahlie sent four unsuspecting billionaires to the moon and unknowingly they found the missing component that outlined how life can be sustained on the Moon.

As you can see, we are blessed with amazing minds at TIGS and are incredibly proud of all the team’s efforts and commitment under such difficult conditions.

Judging took place on Sunday 13 September and results were communicated via Zoom. All teams were commended and the Language Literature team was awarded Honours.

Thank you also to the facilitators, Mrs Segar, Mrs Bowmaker and Mrs Wallace.

MS Readathon News

The 2020 fundraising period for the MS Readathon has closed. Aahan in Year 6 ranked fourth nationally after raising a staggering $5,644 and reading ten novels. Congratulations Aahan and thank you to Jasmine from Year 9 for her role as MS Readathon ambassador.

Here are some useful links:


Aahan’s fundraising page

TIGS page

Outside Hours Care and School Holidays Programme

As a long and unusual term is coming to a conclusion the children and all of us are beginning to wind down and prepare to recuperate over the holiday period. With this in mind, our final week of term we will be offering a child-lead programme as they are always focal to our attention and care. With this, it allows the opportunity for students to truly engage in what they want to do most, which is having fun and enjoy time with each other.

Activities such as minor games, craft and reading are always popular with the children here at TIGS. So we will be sure to provide many activities for them to aid in leading their own play and activities.


Download our Vacation Care Programme for the upcoming holidays.

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