Strong Learning

March 31, 2023  
Mrs Natasha Hutchins -Acting Deputy Head of Junior School

During our Meet The Teacher evening, I was able to share how our new English syllabus represents a return to the systematic teaching and development of literacy skills, with an emphasis on reading. 

We are currently engaging with the Association of Independent Schools of NSW in our focus on reading with the Primary Reading Project. This evidence-based programme is designed to support schools to ensure teachers are equipped to teach essential reading skills and students have access to a high-quality education where they can reach their full potential.

A number of Sydney schools have described their success with the Primary Reading Project as having a ‘profound impact on teaching practice and expertise within our school’ with ‘an immediate and lasting effect on reading.’

We are accessing a range of resources and expertise through the Association of Independent Schools. This support is designed to become the knowledge base for instigating and nurturing sustainable changes. We are very happy with our literacy programme, however, this provides an opportunity to refine our programmes and ensure our teaching strategies are more targeted. We are working from the research and responding to the data in our specific context here at TIGS. 

Teachers are passionate about this project’s immediate and lasting impact on your child’s reading. We have already completed ten hours of professional learning across three modules. We have also participated in two days of in-school consultancy support with an expert from the Association of Independent Schools to embed evidence-based practices by modelling instructional strategies, observing classroom practice, discussing student data and collaboratively planning lessons. Our focus has been on explicit instruction, phonological awareness (the ability to hear, identify and say the separate parts of words) and phonics (the ability to read and write words using knowledge of letter–sound relationships).

We are looking forward to sharing more with you as we continue with the Primary Reading Project. Our upcoming Literacy and Numeracy Evening early in Term II is a great opportunity for you to learn more about phonics and supporting your child in learning to read and write.


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