Strengthening Partnerships in Junior School

February 29, 2024  
Ms Geneva Clayton - Head of Junior School

Parent Learning Conversations

We look forward to your attendance at our Parent Learning Conversations in Week 6. These early conversations provide an opportunity to meet with your child’s classroom teacher to discuss the learning that has taken place to date and to develop personalised goals to maximise continued growth for the year. Students are also welcome to attend and participate in these conversations.

Please be sure to book a time with your child’s classroom teacher by clicking here.


Understanding and Promoting Healthy Relationships

Our URSTRONG Program continues to provide a strong foundation in understanding relationships, with a focus on developing awareness of how to ensure that they are healthy and what to do when they are not.  The common, clear language that is introduced in Kindergarten and reinforced all the way through the Junior School to Year 6 allows our students to develop the important skills of recognising the normal cycle of healthy relationships, ways to safely resolve these and their own awareness of their impact on others. We are proud that this established program continues to be effective as our students apply this knowledge in and outside of the classroom. The recent training of our ‘Year 6 Friend-O-Leaders’ ensure that all students have access to support during break times, easily being able to spot our Year 6 students in their bright pink vests and instructional lanyards.


Co-curricular Opportunities

This week saw the launch of the plethora of co-curricular opportunities for our Junior School students before, during and after School. From Minecraft club, to drawing club, sport training and da Vinci, there is something for everyone. Our students love the time to connect with other teachers and students beyond their own class. Another wonderful way partnerships are developed and our community is enriched.


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