Preparing for an action packed term

October 21, 2022  

The final term of the year has commenced with a flurry of activity. We have had Duke of Edinburgh Camps rescheduled due to poor weather, Future Problem Solving teams travelling to Victoria for National Championships. Prefect and student leader inductions in the Senior School, the PYP Exhibition in the Junior School and our regular classes! It has been a typical start to a typical term at TIGS; comprehensively broad with a myriad of opportunities and experiences on offer for students to discover their potential and strengths.

This commitment to a holistic suite of offerings in addition to strong academic learning is a central pillar of a TIGS education – and our students love the opportunities provided. We do this because we know that academic excellence is only one component for future success and a satisfying and fulfilling life. Not only is it enjoyable to experience sport, creativity, collaboration and service, this diversity in interests and experiences is highly valued by tertiary institutions and employers alike – it is extremely worthwhile and beneficial.

It is wonderful to observe our students right across the School being involved in a wide variety of activities. They expand their friendship groups and social connections, allow them to see the perspectives of others, connect across cohorts and deepen their sense of belonging. These opportunities also allow students to discover potential that they didn’t even know they had! 

This is often seen during our School musicals in the Senior School, where new talent is discovered every single year. Auditions for the 2023 musical have already commenced and the interest is strong. 2023 will see an old classic being enjoyed by a whole new generation of performers at TIGS and quite a few parents and grandparents experiencing some nostalgia as they sing along to the well known songs. The Sound of Music is certainly a favourite from my childhood and I anticipate that my own parents will be excited to watch this performance at TIGS in the new year. I’m certain that the majority of audience members have a limited concept of the dedication and effort that the annual production demands of our students. It is an intensive nine month process of auditions, rote learning, choreography, blocking, rehearsals and finally… the performance! 

I look forward to watching it all unfold.

We are also commencing preparation for our end of year events in only six short weeks. The progression to Senior School by our Year 6 students, the Year 10 Formal, the Infants Pageant and our community Christmas Celebration are all underway in their planning and execution. Of course we also look forward to celebrating and acknowledging the excellent learning and achievements that have been made in our classrooms on our presentation days. We are excited at the prospect of all these events occurring “as usual” and I look forward to welcoming many families and parents on campus as we gather together to enjoy and commend all that is wonderful about our School, and the achievements of our students and staff.

Finally, our graduating Class of 2022 all commenced their HSC examinations, and their quiet confidence was very pleasing to observe. They have worked hard with many already assured of entry into university through the early entry programs, recognising the hard work they have demonstrated. It will be wonderful also to celebrate with them the completion of their examinations as they take their new position as TIGS alumni.


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