NSW Police visit the Junior School

August 26, 2022  

Detective Senior Constable Rhiannon Spargo and Sergeant Stewart Arnold recently stopped by the Junior School to talk with our Year 1 students about road safety and the role of police in our community. Detective Spargo talked with her captivated young audience about what the police do day-to-day in helping keep our community safe. Of course, when it came time for questions everyone wanted to know “how many bad guys” she had caught. “Lots,” replied Detective Spargo, but not quite as many as the 4080 one student thought she might have. 

Students then had a chance to look over the Highway Patrol car of Sergeant Arnold while he explained why it is important to always wear your seatbelt and obeying the road rules. The police visit ended with a grand finale as Sergeant Arnold switched on the lights and sirens of the patrol car. 


What makes a citizen?


Prepared for the future