Prepared for the future

August 26, 2022  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

Student Wellbeing – healthy minds, healthy hearts

The development of a whole School wellbeing framework, that addresses the important social and emotional needs of our students from Prep through to Year 12, is an exciting initiative that is currently taking place. Our School is involved in the COMPASS programme that seeks to assist in identifying and implementing evidence-based, whole school, proactive wellbeing that fosters safe, supportive and respectful environments so that wellbeing outcomes are enhanced for our students now and in the future. It has been wonderful to spend time working with experts in this area and wellbeing teams from a number of schools, to review, explore and consider solutions to enhance our School offerings to ensure our students are provided with the best possible opportunities. Parent workshops are currently being organised and will be advertised shortly.

K-2 Mathematics and English curriculum reform-relevant and reflective of best practice

‘To stay engaged, students need challenges that give the appropriate stretch. We are in need of a curriculum that provides flexibility to meet students where they are at with their learning’ 

(NSW Government response to new curriculum)

Next year will see the compulsory implementation of new syllabus documents designed to ensure the development of numeracy and literacy knowledge and skills for all students. Much time has been invested in reviewing and adjusting programmes to reflect the updated curriculum. Our personalised pathways and evidenced-based practices, reflect the recommendations and goals that these guidelines set out to achieve. We look forward to sharing updates in parent workshops.  Further information can be found here   


Student Achievement

Congratulations to our Tournament of Minds teams who completed at UOW on Sunday. Under the expert guidance by Mrs Wallace, Mrs Stanis and Mrs Tierney our students performed with outstanding confidence. It is with great pleasure to announce that two of the five teams won their division. They will now move onto the state finals and compete in Sydney next month. We wish them all the best and know they will represent our School with distinction.

STEM 6 Team:

Rohan Manshani

Ideen Hashemi

Arya Patil

Mahasvin Dev

Akilan Kumaresan

Arya Mahantesh

Pranav Mathiazhagan

Social Sciences Team:

Thomas Binks

Ethan Tierney

Evie Rahim

Leo Kalsi

Luca Attorre

Elliot Phelan

Harry Coates


STEM 5 Team

Jackson Karanfilovski

Bailey Kiang

Soren Palmisano

Victor Tang

Shreya Mehan

Manha Khan

Keerthi Mahesh

Language Literature Team   

Tilly Keft-Kennedy

Amelia Murray

Wilfred Windsor

Madeleine MacKay

Elise Cordaro

Kikki Leith

Elias Ainbinder Satne

The Arts Team

Josephine Huda

Ava Hernandez

Sophie Deck

Kalika Bugg

Eva Grimm

Rithanya Jeyachandran

Serena Cordaro


Many of our regular activities will return to campus this term. The following activities will resume. We look forward to your attendance at the many events over the coming weeks.

  • Assemblies and Chapels
  • Fathers’ Day Breakfast (September 2)
  • Celebrations of Learning 
  • Meetings in person
  • Year 6 Exhibition

NSW Police visit the Junior School


Mid term and much to celebrate!