Term IV Instrumental Concerts

October 21, 2022  

This term will mark the welcome return of the Instrumental Concert series. Students enrolled in the TIGS Tuition program or external tutor programs are encouraged to participate. 

This is a great opportunity for students to hone their performance skills and share their talents with the School community. Parents and carers are welcome to attend these concerts and support our students.

Students who would like to participate should notify Mr. Matthew Unwin by email: [email protected]

Please list your instrument, the name of your tutor, and the name of the piece if possible. 


Term IV Instrumental Concerts

Piano: Thursday 27 October, Week 3

Strings: Thursday 3 November, Week 4

Brass and Woodwind: Wednesday 9 November, Week 5

Singing: Tuesday 22 November, Week 7 

Guitar and Drums: Wednesday 23 November, Week 7


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