2022 Short Story Competition Winner

October 21, 2022  
Tania Kalsi - Year 10

My story is a piece of historical fiction about the Nazis versus the British during World War II. A British solider patriotically sacrifices his life in vanquishing a Nazi. 

Last term, my amazing English teacher, Mrs Toland, set us English homework of writing an imaginative description based on the World War II novel we were studying in class. As an avid reader and writer, I thoroughly enjoyed this task and decided to turn this description into a 500-word short story. I put a lot of effort into refining and constructing this narrative, and I am elated that my hard work paid off after entering it into the Write4fun competition.

For as long as I can remember, writing and reading have never been a chore, but rather a pastime of mine. I find that writing is synonymous with painting a picture on a blank canvas, as the delicate art of forming and rigorously devising expressive and figurative sentences is extremely rewarding.

I’ve been entering the Write4fun Short Story Competition ever since 2018 as my Year 6 teacher at the time, Mr Yeo, encouraged me to submit for the competition. In Year 6, I was proud to receive the Excellence in writing award, meaning my short story was amongst the top 5% of entries. It has always been my dream to have my writing showcased through winning the competition, however, I recognised this would be an exceptional challenge since the competition received more than 3800 entries. 

During lunchtime on Wednesday this week, I checked my emails and was speechless when I saw that I achieved first place in the Short Story section! 

I was ecstatic and so proud of myself to see that my passion and talent in writing were acknowledged, and I thank all my English teachers since Year 7 for supporting me in my writing journey.

To read Tania’s short story click here. 



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