Magic Milestones This Week

November 27, 2020  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

Congratulations to our Year 6 Class of 2020. This year has been like no other and we know that your experience this year, will be a long-lasting memory as you look back on your final year in the Junior School. Thank you for your adaptability, patience, resilience and understanding. The care that you have shown to each other and to all of our Junior School students is a testament to the amazing group that you are. We are incredibly proud of you. Your appreciation and fun spirit ensured that the year was filled with memorable moments. It was really wonderful to celebrate you on Thursday night at the Year 6 Progression Dinner. A special thank you to your parents for all of their support throughout your years in the Junior School. We will miss you and look forward to hearing about your adventures as you enter your senior years.

The Year 2 Progression and Infants’ Pageant

As we recorded the Year 2 Progression and Infants’ pageant this week, in readiness for release next Tuesday, we had the joy of acknowledging our Year 2 students as they progress from Infants to Primary. This magical milestone is an important one in a little person’s Junior School life. It was wonderful to speak to our Year 2 students, reminding them about their special gifts and how these are needed in our world. Our Prep to Year 2 Christmas Pageant is always a special event and this year is no different. The recordings are simply spectacular and we look forward to sharing this with you on Tuesday.

Thank you for your contributions

At the conclusion of 2020, we acknowledge the incredible contributions of staff who will conclude their time in the Junior School. We thank Mrs Narelle McRae, Mrs Jane Martin and Mrs Kathy McMahon for the dedication to our school. They have greatly impacted the lives of hundreds of students, staff and families over the many years of dedicated service. They have been integral to the wonderful fabric that exists in the Junior School, being loved by all. Narelle and Jane, we wish you all the best for your retirements, may you enjoy this wonderful time in your life. Kathy, enjoy some time with your family and the new adventures that await you. Please know that your legacy will live on in the hearts of the people you have touched.

Student celebrations

Congratulations to the ‘Double Digits’ team consisting of Kalika, Austin, Zoe, Eva and Hugh for competing in the First Lego competition last weekend. There were 25 teams in the Wollongong regional competition and our younger competitors did an amazing job, being awarded an impressive fifth place in the Robot Game category. Congratulations to our Year 4 students for an outstanding result.


Year 6 Progression Dinner


Enjoying A Return To Normal Life


TIGS In Action – You Are Invited!