Enjoying A Return To Normal Life

November 27, 2020  
Head of Senior School - Mr Nick Hackett

In a year when so much has changed, Term IV has been a time in which much has stayed the same and indeed we have started to enjoy the green shoots of a return to normal life here at TIGS. As you will know from previous newsletters, our Year 12’s have enjoyed a Formal Dinner that for a long period we thought would just not be possible. Last week, a number of Year Groups enjoyed a range of activities at offsite Day Camps.

This week, we held our Term IV House Challenge competition and looking ahead to next week, it will be the Year 10’s who will be stepping out in style for their own Formal Dinner.

As we approach the end of the term, our plans for the annual Presentation Day (Wednesday 9 December) are starting to take shape. This year, there will be a few changes to the way the event has been run in recent years. Firstly, it will be a live-streamed event – an invitation and details of how to join us will be sent out shortly. Secondly, our Year 10’s will be participating in the event along with the other year groups. It will be great to have them fully represented among the award and prize winners from other years. Thirdly, the event will take place during the afternoon (commencing at 1:30pm). This will mean the event, the school day and indeed Term IV will conclude at the usual time of 3:10pm. I look forward to being able to celebrate in the hard work and dedication of so many students in just over a week’s time.
In the meantime, during the remaining weeks of school, it is really important that our students are mindful of the importance of finishing well. As we enjoy these warmer days and longer evenings it is hard to ignore the fact that the long Summer break is just around the corner. My encouragement to all students is to remember that they each have an important contribution to make to the shared experience of life at TIGS. Retaining high standards, looking for opportunities to help and serve others, and giving 100% to the task at hand – no matter what it is – are just some of the ways they can go about doing this. In doing so they will ensure that the final term, at the end of this most uncertain of school years, ends on a consistently positive note with joy, success and smiles all round.


This week, Year 12 student Xia Lian learned that she had been shortlisted from among 120 applicants from across Australia  to be in the running for the prestigious John Bell Scholarship. If successful, Xia Lian will be invited to join Bell Shakespeare for a week next year as they rehearse for their production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. We wish her all the best!


The World’s biggest Paper Plane Competition

The results are finally in and we are excited to say that two of our students have been awarded medals for their achievements. Congratulations to:

  • Austin (Year 9) – 1st place Distance Division (32.32 meters)
  • Angkit (Year 9) – 3rd place Distance Division (31.78 meters)


Science Olympiad Results

The Australian Science Olympiads are a national enrichment programme for secondary science students. This year we had five students sit these challenging exams, providing rewarding opportunities for students to extend themselves way beyond school science. Congratulations to the following students on their amazing results. We are very proud of you for having a go and for the excellent results they have achieved.

  • Saksham (Year 7) – Distinction Junior Science Olympiads
  • Samarth (Year 8) – High Distinction Junior Science Olympiads
  • Harrison (Year 10) – Participation Junior Science Olympiads
  • Dean (Year 11) – Credit Australian Chemistry Olympiad and Credit Australian Physics Olympiad
  • Cameron (Year 11) – Participation Australian Chemistry Olympiad and Credit Australian Physics Olympiad

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