Lending a helping hand

September 1, 2023  
Yasmin Matar - Year 9

We all go through the menial tasks in our day, the certainty of eventually going back home is something we take for granted. But with the rising prevalence of homelessness, even in our modern society, maybe we should take some more time to appreciate our basic right to have secure shelter at night.

We have noticed this fast rising issue and with the incentive of improving the living conditions of the homeless population in the Illawarra, particularly that of youth, we’re striving to respond to the needs of a very important demographic.

‘The Helping Hands’ are a Community Problem Solving group heading to the Nationals competition in October. Consisting of Rhys Chieng, Isabella Carswell, Yasmin Matar, Robbie Lavalle and Lucy Bernie, our team is wanting to help a community that has fostered and gifted us with our fortunate lives.

For the rest of the term we will be partnering with the Wollongong Homeless Hub to create a donation drive in our school library and we encourage you to send along some donations. After we have collected all of them, we will be making hampers and distributing them to the homeless hub. Below is a list of items you can donate.

We encourage you to participate in some of the activities on our high fives!




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