Leadership at TIGS

October 20, 2023  
Mrs Judi Nealy - Principal

Last week our incoming Year 12 students made their leadership commitments to the School and each other. During their time at The Illawarra Grammar School they have each been influenced and shaped by the leadership of previous students. In many ways this has occurred quietly and unobtrusively as the culture of our school and student body has impacted their own experience as members of the student body. During the selection and interview process many of the Year 12 applicants referred to previous student leaders who they have looked up to and it is now their challenge to leave a lasting impression on those who will follow them.

Leadership at TIGS is defined by our School Values and is characterised by the integration of Christian beliefs, ethics, and principles into leadership roles and responsibilities.

At the core of TIGS leadership is the concept of servant leadership, which is based on the example of Jesus. Servant leaders prioritise serving others and meeting their needs before their own. They demonstrate humility, compassion, and selflessness. TIGS leaders are expected to uphold high ethical and moral standards. They are expected to lead with integrity and honesty. Building strong and supportive relationships and showing compassion and empathy is crucial in leading at our School. Leaders are encouraged to demonstrate love and care for those they lead, promoting a sense of community and unity.

While leadership based on Christian values is rich in diversity, the core values of service, integrity, and faith are fundamental to Christian leadership and are on full display amongst our Year 12 leaders. It was exciting to see our incoming leaders encouraged by their family and friends as they formally accepted the  responsibility of leading our School in 2023/24. 

TIGS students and Alumni are strong leaders, leaders of themselves, leaders of others and leaders in the community. This is the hallmark strength of a TIGS graduate. As Year 12 begin their 12 month tenure of these roles, I remind the rest of our School that this is a safekeeping role of the current Year 12, one that they develop, grow and then leave for future generations to pick up the mantle when their turn comes around.

I encourage the rest of the student body to grasp hold of the opportunities for leadership that are available to them, develop their capacity as future leaders, get actively involved in supporting the initiatives of this Year 12 leadership group and ensure that when their time for formal leadership comes around they are equipped to play their part.
















James Brewer – Year 12 and his first TIGS teacher Mrs Jodie-Lee Leitch.


James Brewer and Mia Parker – School Captains

Jude De Araujo and Laura Ellis – School Vice-Captains

Joel Turner and Saskia Belanszky – Chapel Prefects

Riley Baird, Minyu Cho, Loen Sevastos, Michael Murray – Kogara Captains and Vice-Captains

Leo Howard, Chole Vickery, Katie Healey (A) – Aranda Captains and Vice-Captains

Tyler Davidson, Elka Enbom, Eloisa Tressider, Aidan Vardy – Wolgal Captains and Vice-Captains

Ella Fennell, Ishe Chibanda, Ella McIlwraith – Coligan Captains and Vice-Captain


Life saving lessons


Partnerships in action