Junior School News

May 9, 2024  
Ms Geneva Clayton - Head of Junior School

Welcome to Term II

Term II has commenced with energy and enthusiasm. Your children have returned to refreshed teachers, exciting new learning programs and beautiful new gardens. It was so lovely to see the smiles on the children’s faces as they greeted their friends and teachers. A very warm welcome to our new students who joined us last week. Their buddies were exceptional in ensuring that their transition was smooth and reassuring.

Our new Illawarra Grammar school model continues to be refined as we officially launch the first ‘Units of Learning’ this term. Our staff have been busy creating fantastic, rigorous, purposeful units of learning that continue to be personalised, pedagogically impressive and engaging for our young learners. Please ensure that you take some time to review the curriculum overview featured on your child’s grade OLLE page. Parent information sessions will take place shortly, allowing you an opportunity to learn more about the enhanced programs. An invitation will be sent via email.

We have a number of planned excursions and incursions, Celebrations of Learning, and opportunities for school visits. We thank our many volunteers who generously offer their time and expertise to our students. Volunteer Working With Children Checks are required for those adults who are attending school excursions and supporting in the classroom. Thank you for ensuring that these details are provided to the School prior to visits.


We are sad to have cancelled our Mother’s Day breakfast this week and thank you for your understanding as we have navigated a very wet week. We are grateful to all of our parent helpers who worked hard to organise this special event and thank those that so generously offered their time to ensure the Mother’s Day stall continued. We wish all of our mothers and carers a very special Mother’s Day.

As the weather changes, please be reminded that all students must carry a labelled raincoat in their bag at all times. This is required as they travel across the campus for various lessons, visits to the canteen and as they enter and exit at the beginning and end of the day when it is raining.

Term II Co-curricular program

Please find below our Term II Junior School Co-curricular Program. I would like to highlight to you our Kindergarten to Year 2 Lifesavers and our Year 3 to Year 6 Lifesavers at lunchtime on Wednesdays. We warmly welcome K-6 students to attend one of the two Lifesavers clubs on Wednesdays. 

Our Junior School Co-curricular Program provides opportunities for students to continue learning beyond the classroom, pursuing areas of interest and engaging in a wide variety of activities. It also presents an important opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, strengthen bonds and make new friends. We fondly refer to these as our “clubs” and we offer a range of activities each day before school, at lunchtime and after school. Students need to be registered for all before and after school clubs, some of which require a minimum number of student participants. There is no need to register for lunchtime clubs. 

Please contact our Junior School office if you have any questions.


Participate in Term II Instrumental Concerts


School Cross Country Carnival