Junior School da Vinci Decathlon success

August 11, 2023  

TIGS Junior School entered two teams from Year 5 and Year 6 in the regional da Vinci Decathlon competition and were selected to attend the state competition held at Knox Grammar School. This year’s theme was ‘Unity’.

156 teams from around NSW competed in the Great Hall: teams of 8 sitting around one table. It is a vibrant environment as students apply their academic strength by negotiating, communicating and organising their time.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, the Decathlon includes ten disciplines; some seen in the classroom, while others not, which include: English, Mathematics, Science, legacy, ideation, code breaking, cartography, creative producers, Engineering, and Art and Poetry.

The competition is designed to incorporate creativity, collaboration, communication and teamwork. Many of the tasks required students to come up with solutions to authentic problems faced in our world today.

Year 5 competed against 72 teams. The Year 5 team included Annabelle Bugg, Evelyn Carroll, Yuxin Liu, Arjun Malik, Harry McLean, Joanna Miller, Mia Nott, Benjamin Yu and team coordinator Mrs Anna Carswell.

Year 6 competed against 84 teams. The Year 6 team included Elias Ainbinder Satne, Emily Clark, Harry Coates, Elise Cordaro, Josephine Huda, Xavier Knight, Madeleine MacKay, Victor Tang and team coordinator Mrs Nicki Stanis.

We are delighted to announce that Year 6 came 4th overall with the impressive results of:

  • 2nd Mathematics
  • 2nd Ideation
  • 4th Art and Poetry
  • 9th Engineering
  • 11th English
  • 14th Science
  • 16th Code Breaking


Congratulations to both teams for representing TIGS so well.




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