Infants Pageant and Year 2 Progression

December 9, 2022  

Each year we celebrate the joy of Christmas in our Infants Pageant and recognise the milestone of our Year 2 students progressing into Stage 2. Our students spend weeks rehearsing for their big performance and always bring enthusiasm and character to the stage.  

This year’s pageant was The Angel Express.

‘There is great excitement in heaven when The Angel Express newspaper announces that Jesus, the Son of God, is about to be born. The angels decide to learn a song for the big event to welcome the very special baby into the world, but there is not much time and there’s a lot of practising to do!  Between the rehearsals the newspaper gives updates of Mary and Joseph, the kings, the shepherds and the great big star. Everyone knows that Jesus will be born very soon, but will the angel choir be ready in time?’ 

Our Year 2 Students undertook their progression ceremony where they received a bible and were recognised for their many learning achievements. 



A final Christmas message from the Principal


Christmas Celebration