A final Christmas message from the Principal

December 9, 2022  
Principal Mrs Judi Nealy

Throughout the year, as I have read through and approved our weekly newsletter I have read about starting and finishing well. I have also observed our community ‘continuing well’. I have seen this in our classrooms, on the playground, in our community service, our performances, our sporting teams and our day to day interactions with each other.

We have ‘continued well’ through the expected ups and downs that all communities experience in a year. We have celebrated fantastic outcomes as a School, commiserated with each other through disappointments and supported each other through a ‘return to normal’ year. 

Through all of this, I am proud to have observed our community remaining true to our values; we have focussed on learning and growth, we have lived our Christian values and we have cared for each other and the broader community.

2022 has indeed felt extremely busy. We have all enjoyed coming back to our camps, excursions, performances, gatherings and the many aspects of a TIGS education that we all missed so greatly during the disruptions of 2020/21, but my goodness aren’t we all tired! There is one last thing that I would like to encourage every member of our community to do well over the coming break and that is to REST WELL. The summer holiday stretches before us and feels like a very long time, however, we all know that it will speed by quickly. I do hope that each member of our TIGS community finds time to rest, refresh and re-energise ready for another great year at TIGS in 2023.

Thank you to all TIGS staff for your dedicated hard work in 2022, thank you to our parents and supporters for your encouragement and care and thank you to our TIGS students. Every day I am energised, inspired and delighted to interact with our students. I will miss you all on campus over the break but I do hope you all find time to rest well and I look forward to hearing about your holiday adventures in February and in welcoming new members of our community to TIGS.

Happy Christmas!


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