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February 21, 2020  
Head of Senior School - Mr Nick Hackett

In our assembly at the start of term, I shared a video in which a decorated Navy SEAL identified the power of starting each day with the completion of a simple task – making your bed. I provided some examples of other small tasks that students could undertake that would serve them equally well: arriving at their Mentor sessions promptly, ensuring their uniform is prepared and organised for the next day, before heading to bed, being diligent in meeting deadlines, and so forth. The underlying idea is that by achieving small things and developing good habits students will achieve a ‘small win’ that they will want to continue by developing other good habits.

One of the good habits that I would encourage all students to set out to achieve in the weeks and months ahead is to be organised and disciplined with respect to homework. Whether it be an extension task that stretches the concepts students have learned in class, preparation for an assessment task or simply consolidating learning and revising content covered earlier in the year, the benefits of additional study and meeting deadlines are clearly established.

To support students in this, we have launched TIGS Tuition Hub – the one-stop place for students to access outstanding tuition and small group teaching beyond the classroom.

Whether it be a student looking for help in preparing for assessment tasks or exams…or the small group who would like to hone their subject-specific skills… or the students simply seeking some advice to help them develop their time-management or organisation, TIGS Tuition Hub is here to help. Every week it offers an unrivalled opportunity for intervention and support with specialist, experienced TIGS teachers on hand to offer personalised tuition in the Library or a specialist learning space.

At TIGS Tuition Hub you will benefit from:

  • The expertise of specialist teachers who are available to answer any questions and provide whatever support you need.
  • A personalised opportunity to help you review, refine and extend your classwork.
  • A quiet and studious environment in which to complete classwork or homework, free from distraction.
  • Opportunities to engage with practice-papers and receive support and guidance in preparation for external exams and assessment tasks.
  • Highly focused study-assistance and exam-tips that will help equip you with the tools you need to achieve your learning goals.
  • Opportunities to develop your research, revision and self-organisation skills and to practice them on structured assessment tasks (such as HSC questions) that will provide you with the feedback you need to understand your personal strengths and the areas that require some work.

The TIGS Tuition Hub timetable for Term I appears below.

Swimming Carnival

On Monday 17 February our Senior School students participated in our annual Swimming Carnival. Despite very rainy conditions, students were enthusiastic in supporting their Houses and we saw some fantastic results across all races. It was great to see so much involvement from all year groups. The competition between Houses was evident, as first-place changed throughout the carnival.

At the end of the day, it was Aranda who secured first place! Congratulations Aranda! Kogara came in with a close second followed by Wolgal in third and Coligan in fourth.

Congratulations also to our Age Champions:

12 Year Girls:

  1. Katherine Binks
  2. Brooke Baird
  3. Annabelle Sheargold

12 Year Boys:

  1. Seth Gilmore
  2. Saksham Sirohi
  3. Tom Armstrong

13 Year Girls:

  1. Claire Spicknall
  2. Chloe Vickery
  3. Charlotte I’Ons

13 Year Boys:

  1. William MacKay
  2. Samuel Lowe
  3. Ben Harman

14 Year Girls:

  1. Ella McIlwraith
  2. Katie Healey
  3. Lilli Fellowes

14 Year Boys:

  1. Riley Baird
  2. Hamish Chaffer
  3. Christian Vujic

15 Year Girls:

  1. Jaimie De Lutiis
  2. Bridie De Lutiis
  3. Jessy Harman

15 Year Boys:

  1. Kaleb Anderson
  2. Leonard Jaeger
  3. Jack Wilson

16 Year Girls:

  1. Kiarna McIlwraith
  2. Marlene Anderson
  3. Jessica Quilter–Jones

16 Year Boys:

  1. Ben Giason
  2. Nicholas Chiaverini
  3. Taylan Arapali

17 Year Girls:

  1. Aria Bacic-Johnston
  2. Caitlyn Mortimer
  3. Regan Norris

17 Year Boys:

  1. Daniel Jiang
  2. Cameron Davidson
  3. George Barbas

18 Year Girls:

  1. Cartia Taranto
  2. Elizabeth Westwood
  3. Zara Eggers

18 Year Boys:

  1. Luke Wilson
  2. Connor Harvey
  3. Sebastiano Di Noro

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