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April 3, 2020  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

I’m a real fan of Maggie Dent, Australian parenting author, educator and speaker, who provides excellent, practical advice for parents. In a time where our world seems out of control, Maggie reminds us about the importance of controlling what we can.

‘….…just focus on what is within your control at this moment, one day at a time, and remember that you are not alone’.


So, what can parents do to help their children at home?

1. Predictability

With the advice to stay at home, establishing a routine is essential for everyone’s wellbeing.  Many parents are now working from home with their children as well and this can be stressful for everyone.

‘The brain needs predictability so create routines that have a balance between active and passive activities’

It is suggested that the routine be designed together as a family. Creating a new environment in the form of a learning space can provide a useful structure.  Visual plans or a timetable are particularly great for young children and those that are visual learners.


2. Nature is waiting for you 

Fresh air, opportunities to run, roll, climb, explore and be exposed to sunlight are essential.  If you are fortunate to live near a park, beach, hill or trees, please encourage your child to engage with these.  Simply moving your children into the outdoors, with some access to the grass, will do wonders for their wellbeing.  Go for a bike ride, scooter ride, walk the dog or simply take a skipping rope outside.

Nature Play: 25 things to do in social isolation

3. Time to build life skills 

Developing student agency is a significant part of our Primary Years Programmes. The home learning situation, provides an excellent opportunity for your children to do exactly this.  Involve your children in cooking, fixing things, using tools (safely) and building resilience. Working through tasks independently can be tricky for some children.  Please continue to reach out to us to so that we can work together to make the home learning experience positive for everyone.

4. Family Rituals

Create some nights/rituals to look forward to. A movie night, games night, make your own pizzas, Just Dance competition.

Top Tips from Maggie Dent

5. Go-slow childhood – yes finally!

Take the opportunity to be more mindful and have your children relax. There are so many wonderful resources that you can access. Regular quiet time after lunch is a fabulous new habit to create because we are being called to make time for rest now.

6. You can never read too much

Reading is important. It’s nourishing, comforting and something everyone can do together. There are fabulous online resources, including free audiobooks for children. Take advantage of the additional time to read for pleasure and enjoyment. Maggie Dent provides insights that can inspire your children to become life long learners. Check out her blog posts below:


TIGS is here to support you. I encourage you to make contact to let us know what questions you have. Our partnership is more important than ever and we thank you for this as we move through this situation together. Please do this by sending any questions through to your child’s classroom/specialist teacher, Stage Coordinators, Mrs Wallace regarding curriculum, Mrs McMahon regarding student and family wellbeing or directly to myself.




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