HICES Speechcraft

October 27, 2023  

Thirty students from Year 7-Year 10 attended HICES Speechcraft, a drama, public speaking and debating workshop at MacArthur Anglican School with Mrs Burton, about presenting, and storytelling that aimed to improve communication skills in schools all around NSW.  

Here are some of our students thoughts on the day.

What did you enjoy about the day?

I enjoyed participating in a little competition with other groups, where we all had one topic we had to create an engaging speech for. My team won and we received a little medallion as a reminder of the fun day – Emma Denley

I enjoyed breaking off into groups of people I’d never met before and meeting people from other schools – Ashley Parker

I enjoyed the group presentation, and coming up with ideas with a group full of ideas and willing to contribute – Oliver Percival

I found the speakers from NIDA to be truly inspiring, as they provided valuable insights on how to make our speeches truly impactful – Grace Russo

What did you learn?

I learnt that public speaking isn’t all about just talking to your audience, but engaging with them, whether that be with something like volume or pace – Emma Denley

I learned how to present and how to fill a room while speaking, as well as how to effectively convey a point through debating – Ashley Parker

I learnt that we have to speak with confidence, and to use body language. I also learnt that despite a short time to come up with a presentation, if we use our confidence and use our body language than we can make a powerful presentation and get messages across with hesitation – Oliver Percival



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HICES Debate Team