Green Connect Farm

November 24, 2023  
Ms Jemima Boswell, Mrs El Rowe and Mr Andrew Carroll - Year 1 Teachers

Earlier this month, Year 1 visited Green Connect Farm at Warrawong. This is an 11 acre urban farm that employs permaculture and organic methods to cultivate a variety of produce including fruits, vegetables, herbs, eggs, honey, and free-range meat.

We were surprised to find a working farm in Warrawong! The farm uses permaculture methods to produce a large amount of food with no use of chemicals.

Children had a wonderful time finding out about growing fruit, vegetables and learning about how honey is made. It was interesting to watch many of the children interact with chickens, pigs, goats and sheep and find out how to care for them. It was beautiful to see children up close with the animals, feeding and petting them.



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