Dedicated to service

February 17, 2023  
Deputy Principal and Chaplain - Rev. James Rogers

Last Thursday 9 February, a representative group of our Year 12 leaders attended the annual Prefects’ Induction Service at St Andrew’s Cathedral Sydney. The service is presided over by the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, the Most Reverend Kanishka Raffel and includes representatives of the thirty-nine Anglican and Associated Schools in the Diocese of Sydney.

The service included a student testimony of what it is like being young and Christian at school in the 21st century. There were student-led prayers as well as some songs sung to the accompaniment of the thunderous pipe organ of the cathedral. There was also an opportunity for students to stand and dedicate themselves to the roles for which they have been nominated and elected this year.

The highlight of the service was the sermon by the Archbishop. It was so fitting for the occasion. His text was John 13, the famous record of Jesus’ washing of his disciples’ feet. Archbishop Raffel highlighted that in this act of great humility, Jesus was anticipating an even greater act of humility on the cross where he would wash the sins of the whole world through the sacrifice of himself. We are cleansed of sin through faith in Jesus. He then went on to tease out some of the practical implications for us. In washing the disciples’ feet, Jesus has given us an example of a life well-lived. It is one which is given over for the good of others. Jesus even says we will be blessed if we live this way.

This was such a wonderful way for our students to think about their leadership roles. It’s what we call at TIGS, servant-leadership. I look forward to supporting our students in the coming year as they seek to inform their leadership by the teaching and example of Jesus.


Junior School student leaders


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