Creativity at TIGS

September 4, 2020  
Head of Senior School - Mr Nick Hackett

Henri Matisse was once quoted as saying, “creativity takes courage”. I wonder what you make of this sentiment. To some, creativity might be imagined as a simple, momentary urge to communicate a profound personal expression but this is to do a disservice to the disciplined practice and rigour, usually honed over hundreds, if not, thousands of hours, that have been undertaken by the artists that have enriched our lives in so many ways.

At TIGS we greatly value creativity. We live, learn and work in a part of the world in which the creativity of our loving God is hard to miss. And among our students, we are blessed with an abundance of creative talents. In this difficult year, our teachers are also rising to the challenge of finding new and creative ways to ensure our students’ works are exhibited and showcased in a way that allows families and friends to continue to share in the rich talents on show.


Last week, our Year 10 students completed their contribution to an online exhibition of their Personal Projects. These projects, each completely unique and tailored to the specific passion or interest of the student, were the result of several months of hard work.  In previous years, these incredible works would have been exhibited onsite for families and friends to enjoy, but this year you can enjoy the diversity of student projects by visiting the online exhibition on OLLE, using the link below.

I’d like to take this opportunity to recognise the hard work of Sharon I’Ons and particularly Fiona Neal for designing and delivering this creative way to ensure our students’ work receives the audience and attention it deserves.

Click here for virtual exhibition


Many readers will have heard me say, more than once, how proud I am of the way in which our Year 12 students have responded to the unprecedented challenges they have faced this year. Last week we expected to be exhibiting to our community, a number of exceptional artistic, dramatic, musical and creative  Higher School Certificate (HSC) and Diploma Programme (DP) pieces at ‘The Works’ Exhibition. Sadly with our current COVID-safe arrangements, we were only able to permit single year groups of students to engage with the exhibits at any one time. However through the creative talents of our Arts team – particularly Mrs Esposito and Mr Rossiter (with contributions from Mr Morris and Mr Unwin) – we have been able to share the highlights with you through our inaugural online ‘The Works’ Exhibition. You can share in the amazing creative talents of our students by clicking the link below. Enjoy!

Click here to see ‘the works’ exhibition


At TIGS, we are incredibly lucky to have an amazing team of peripatetic music tutors, and we are so grateful for the expertise of each individual tutor, and the dedication and commitment they bring to their teaching.

If there are other students who are interested in learning an instrument, the benefits of music in terms of the cognitive, emotional, and social development of students is well researched. At TIGS we have an array of specialist tutors who come to our campus each week to teach individual lessons to our students. We offer lessons in Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Voice and Drums.

Please email our Tutor Coordinator, Rowena Harris at [email protected], for more information about our peripatetic music program. You can access the online application forms via OLLE, or fill out the below online application form.

online application form


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