Happy Fathers Day And A Week Of Meaningful Experiences

September 4, 2020  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

Happy Father’s Day to all of our lovely Dads! We hope the weekend is full of spoiling and fun. Enjoy this special time with your family and your gorgeous children.

URStrong Programme

We are excited to launch the URStrong programme in the Junior School this term. This is an excellent friendship programme that develops an understanding of relationships, providing useful and effective strategies to ensure positive relationships exist between people. A number of grades are introducing this programme this term and you will hear more about this through your children and communication to you via their classroom teachers.

We encourage you to take a look, as the parent advice is excellent and will provide you with an insight into the programme itself and some useful resources to use at home. The programme provides simple but meaningful language and skills to open up a dialogue with your children. Becoming familiar with these will further reinforce the messages our students are receiving at school.

I invite you to sign up below for free parent access.

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Meaningful Experiences in Year 5 and Year 6

Mrs Anna Carswell, Year 5 teacher and Stage 3 Coordinator provides some insight into the happenings of Year 5 and Year 6 at this exciting time in their learning.

Stage 3 is a time to further develop inquiry, presentation and self-management skills and the Year 5 cohort recently spent time working collaboratively on a project of choice based on the unit of inquiry ‘How the World Works’. The students learned valuable teamwork, research using credible sites, negotiation, organisation and presentation skills such as speaking to an audience. Their progress throughout this unit was evident, as they worked together to create a mini-exhibition on either Space Exploration or Fast-Moving Geological Events. There were displays about a variety of topics, including How Stars are Born, Tornados, Volcanoes and Snowstorms. The students gained valuable skills from this experience which will stand them in excellent stead for when they tackle the Year 6 Exhibition, which our current Year 6 cohort are currently doing. We wish the Year 6 students all the very best and look forward to seeing what they inquire into.


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