Community service at TIGS

November 17, 2023  
Grace Russo - Year 9

Every Tuesday, a group of students travel to the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation located in Port Kembla for their Co-curricular Community Service activity. This group has expanded over the past two years from a small group of 6 students to over 20 students. Driven by a desire to build a long-lasting relationship, the group has actively worked to foster a deep connection with the Coomaditchie community through assisting with various projects and programmes.

We have had the opportunity to work alongside students who are a part of the Ngaramura Project. Ngaramura is a Dharawal word meaning¬† “see the way” and this project aims at providing an environment that is culturally appropriate for students who are disengaged from school. These students conducted an acknowledgement to country when we first arrived which was very special for us to witness. We have then continued to work with these students, weeding and mulching and helping to beautify the area.¬†

We have also been fortunate to work with Aunt Lorraine and Aunt Narelle, the resident artists at Coomaditchie. Under their instruction we learned how to create Aboriginal dot art, inspired by the local landscape and Dreaming stories shared by the Aunt’s.

Recently we have been working in the community garden, weeding, planting, and tending to the chickens. This work is highly valued by the community and all of the students in the group have learned new skills and have enjoyed getting their hands dirty. 

Through our immersion in all of these activities, we have explored our local landscape and engaged with our local Aboriginal community and culture. We have learned that serving others is not only needed but it is also fun.


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