Co-curricular in the Senior School

February 24, 2023  
Deputy Head of Senior School - Mrs Naomi Sullivan

Our Senior School co-curricular programme continues to grow in depth and diversity with new activities on offer each semester. We have had a strong start to the year with Tuesday co-curricular sessions commencing last week. The range of activities available to students continues to cater for a vast range of interests as evidenced by the healthy sign up rate and engagement in each of the different groups which, for this semester include:

  • Peer Support
  • Peer Reading
  • Wellbeing Group
  • Minecraft Design Challenges
  • Chess and Strategic Games
  • Modern Muso’s
  • Improv Theatre
  • Public Speaking
  • Zoo Keeping
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Community Service at Coomaditchie
  • Volleyball
  • International Peer Support
  • Rugby and Touch Football
  • TIGS Girls Rep Sport
  • Homework Help

A key area of growth within the programme has been the incorporation of activities that centre around the Year 10 Leadership positions such as Peer Support, Wellbeing and Peer Reading. The time allocated to these groups allows students to design, develop, plan and implement new ideas and initiatives within their leadership area, with a particular focus on service and community connection. This provides a valuable opportunity for the development of leadership attributes whilst pursuing an area of interest.

In addition to this, connections are strengthened between different year groups spanning across the Junior School and Senior School. An example of this being the Peer Reading Leaders who will be engaging in the important work of enhancing a love for reading among our bright and enthusiastic Kindergarten students.

Each week, Kindergarten students will attend the Library where they will connect with their Year 10 Peer Reading ‘buddy’ and enjoy a session of choosing and reading books over the 30 minute period.

The Community Service group is another activity that is proving popular with students as they explore a range of service opportunities which will enable them to satisfy their passion for service and go over and above normal expectations. With a strong connection to the Coomaditchie Lagoon community, students regularly attend the site and take part in work required to help preserve and protect this important and precious resource under the guidance of the Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation.

I look forward to sharing further information, photos and student success in this area as the year progresses.


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