Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is right around the corner.

June 17, 2022  

The Illawarra Grammar School Production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kicks off next week! 

Tickets are selling fast, follow the link to book your seat today. Book now! 

Our cast, ensemble, orchestra and crew have been working exceptionally hard across the last two terms to bring this musical to life. This year involved one of the biggest student groups ever in a TIGS Production, and while our lead cast will steal the show on opening night, they have been supported by a small army of students and staff working diligently to build and create props, manage costumes, hair and makeup, lighting, sound, and perform in the orchestra. 

Much more than a creative outlet, the Production is a unique event that allows students to be involved in all aspects of a theatrical production. Students can shape their involvement to their own personal interests and gain experience working at a professional level, with state of the art equipment and facilities. 

This year’s Production shares the adventures of Charlie Bucket (played alternatingly by Leon Do and Yasmin Matar) and the Golden Ticket winners as they embark on a scrumptious adventure through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Directed by Mrs Helen McLean, this story shows us the power of imagination and how a spark of creativity can change the world. 



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